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Focus on big data of female job seekers From 58 in the same city

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Women in the workplace have become the mainstream of the human resource market. The importance of women in the workplace has been paid more and more attention. On the eve of women’s day, 58 citywide recruitment Research Institute released the big data of female job seekers. Through the in-depth description of the city, industry, position, educational background, age and other dimensions of female job seekers, it analyzes the overall trend of female job seekers’ job hunting, provides guidance for female job seekers’ stable employment and job selection, and helps enterprises to understand women in time The needs and preferences of job seekers can promote women’s better employment.

According to the data, in January and February 2021, female job-hunting showed an upward trend year on year, with an increase of 7.01% and 10.01% respectively; among the hot job-hunting cities in 2021, Xi’an was more favored by women than Dongguan, and entered the top 10 of the hot job-hunting cities; in terms of industry, wholesale and retail became the main positions to attract female job seekers; in terms of age distribution, the post-95 accounted for the highest proportion of 28.7%, preferring nurses / nurses, nurses and nurses Nearly 52% of the job seekers expect a salary of more than 5000 yuan.

March and July are the peak of women’s job hunting, and Beijing will have the highest job hunting enthusiasm in 2021

According to the data of 58 recruitment Research Institute in the same city, in 2020, the number of female job postings increased by 8.23% year on year; in January and February 2021, the number of female job postings increased by 7.01% and 10.01% year on year, respectively. It can be seen that at the beginning of 2021, due to the proper prevention and control of the domestic epidemic and the good economic environment, there is a strong demand for women to apply for jobs. From the perspective of monthly job-hunting trend, the peak of job-hunting is in March and July every year. In the employment season and college graduation season after the Spring Festival, a large number of female job seekers will rush into the talent market.

According to the activity of job seeking cities, in 2021, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Xi’an are the most popular cities for female job seeking. Beijing, as a “rich mining area” of talents, has the highest attraction for talents, causing many female talents to go to work. Xi’an takes the lead in building a settlement mechanism with “the simplest process, the lowest threshold and the least conditions” in the country, attracting a large number of female talents to flow into Xi’an rapidly. Compared with last year, Xi’an is more popular with women than Dongguan, making it the tenth most popular city for job hunting. In 2020, women’s job delivery in Changsha, Zhengzhou, Guiyang, Nanning and Qingdao shows a year-on-year upward trend. On the one hand, these cities are among the top 100 cities in China, with stable economy and many employment opportunities. On the other hand, the pressure of employment and life in the new first tier cities is relatively small, which can meet the dream of female job seekers to live and work in peace and contentment.

Women in wholesale and retail trade are in high demand for jobs, and clerks are the most popular positions

According to the big data of female job seekers released by 58 city recruitment Research Institute, in 2021, the top 5 industries of female job seekers are wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, manufacturing, resident services, repair and other services, information transmission, software and information technology services. This reflects that female workers in the new era are involved in a wide range of fields, and they can not only be competent for service jobs in the tertiary industry, but also devote themselves to strategic emerging industries. In 2020, women’s job delivery in transportation, storage and postal industry increased the fastest year-on-year, with a growth rate of 25.38%, followed by that in manufacturing industry, with a growth rate of more than 13%. It shows that with the rapid growth of medical materials production and transportation business last year, in addition to participating in the first-line relief, women also show the elegant demeanor of “women do not let men” in the rear of material security.

In terms of specific positions, in 2021, the top 10 most popular positions for female job seekers are clerks, general workers, shop assistants / salesmen, waiters, cashiers, front desk / switchboard / reception, accountants / accountants, Taobao customer service, teachers / teaching assistants, and cleaners. As the working scene of clerks is mainly in the office, they have less physical consumption and higher requirements for communication skills, so they are favored by female job seekers. In 2020, the number of women in job delivery of general workers increased the fastest year-on-year, with a growth rate of more than 80%, followed by cleaning, with a growth rate of about 45%, and the growth rate of shop assistants / salesmen reached 26.12%. It reflects that women also play an important role in the basic labor market.

More than 20% of female job seekers expect a salary of more than 12000 yuan, and the post-95s prefer nurses and teachers

Education and work experience are two magic weapons for job hunting. According to the data, in 2020, the proportion of female job seekers with college degree is the highest, accounting for 27.81%; the proportion of job seekers with 1-3 years or 3-5 years of work experience is more than 20%. In terms of expected salary, more than 50% of female job seekers expected salary of more than 5000 yuan, and expected salary of more than 12000 yuan was 20.59%. It can be seen that the career path of high skilled female job seekers with certain work experience is more clear. They can increase their salary and enhance their workplace competitiveness by continuously improving their skills.

In the age distribution of female job seekers, the post-80s and post-90s accounted for more than 20%. The post-80s preferred warehouse administrator, sales promotion and shopping guide, accounting and other positions; the post-90s preferred delivery clerk, front desk / switchboard / reception, customer service, personnel Specialist / Assistant and other positions. After 95, the highest proportion was 28.7%, preferring nurses / nurses, teachers / teaching assistants and preschool education related positions; after 00, the highest proportion was 14.42%, with high delivery enthusiasm in the positions of waiters, cashiers and manicurists. It reflects that the post-95s have gradually moved from campus to society, and have become an important part of the job-hunting team. In addition, from the post-80s to the post-00s, female job seekers’ job preference has also shifted from traditional occupations to knowledge-based and skilled positions.

As a big national recruitment platform, 58 citywide relies on rich and detailed big data to conduct in-depth mining on the job-hunting data of female workers. From the city, industry, position, salary and other dimensions, it makes a comprehensive analysis on the job-hunting situation of female workers in 2020 and early 2021, so as to provide guidance for enterprise recruitment and data reference for government recruitment. In addition, 58 city also provides high-quality and efficient employment services for users through diversified online recruitment activities and intelligent recruitment tools, so as to promote online recruitment services to a new level. Read more: 58 in the same city: Guanzhong City Group recruitment and job hunting big data 58 in the same city: 2019 China talent net app annual enterprise list interpretation 58 in the same city: 2019 double 11 hot positions big data 58 in the same city: 2019 second quarter talent flow report 58 in the same city: 2019 recruitment trend report 58 in the same city: 2019 post-90s youth workplace Life Status Research Report 58 in the same city: 2018 catering industry recruitment report 58 in the same city Big data of recruitment and job hunting in Hainan Province from January to November 2020 58 in the same city: report on recruitment trend in 2019 58 in the same city: recruitment demand of domestic enterprises in March 2020 increased by 94.22% on a month on month basis 58 in the same city: hot jobs in double 11 in 2020 58 in the same city: 1q20 net profit of 1.638 billion yuan Year on year increase of 134.7% 58 same city: Statistics of manufacturing employment from January to August 2020 58 same city: recruitment and job seeking data of the third quarter of 2020 58 same city: big data of talent flow in the fourth quarter of 2020

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