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Job search guide for Internet industry in 2021 From Zhilian recruitment

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Recently, Zhilian recruitment released the “2021 Internet industry job guide”, which shows that from the full platform data, the industry has the highest demand for software R & D talents, and the artificial intelligence jobs are high paid and in a competitive depression. In addition, the industrial Internet has accelerated the cross-border manufacturing of AI talents, and the value of cross-border AI talents is also rising.

“No shortage of people, no shortage of money” in AI posts

From the perspective of the whole industry, product manager, software R & D, front-end development, mobile R & D, artificial intelligence, Data Engineer, test engineer and operation and maintenance support are the eight core categories of product and technical posts.

According to the big data of Zhilian recruitment in 2020, among the eight types of core positions, the recruitment demand of software R & D is the highest, accounting for 41%. As the basic technology for the development of the Internet industry, this post has a great demand for talents. However, due to the low technical threshold, fierce competition and relatively low average recruitment salary, operation and maintenance support and test engineer are not dominant.

In contrast to the emerging artificial intelligence jobs, artificial intelligence is an important technology leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, but the current talent supply is not perfect, forming a situation of low competition and high recruitment salary (19010 yuan / month).

In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry and policy dividends, the recruitment scale is expected to expand, further forming a talent depression. In addition, software R & D, product manager, Data Engineer and mobile R & D are the core jobs with moderate competition intensity and considerable salary, which have broader development space.

Supply and demand of java development engineers

From the sub positions of the above eight types of positions, the analysis of the top 20 sub positions of recruitment needs can further find that Java Development Engineer, software engineer and web front-end have a relatively high number of recruitment positions. When analyzing the recruitment of human resources experts, Zhilian said that these posts, as general technical talents in the Internet industry, have a stable demand base, but the corresponding stock of talents is also relatively large, so the competition is fierce.

In addition, Algorithmic Engineer is the only AI position in the top 20 recruitment positions, and the average recruitment salary is 19944 yuan / month. With the development of data mining, machine learning and other technologies in the industry, the talents who are proficient in algorithms have a broader career development space and higher salary.

Industrial Internet accelerates cross border manufacturing of AI talents

It is noteworthy that with the popularity of Internet plus, the process of digitalized transformation of various industries has further increased the market demand of Internet technology talents.

In addition to Internet related industries, the five industries with higher demand for core talents of product technology are professional services / consulting, education / training / colleges, instrumentation and industrial automation, large-scale equipment / electromechanical equipment / heavy industry and online games.

“In recent years, online games have entered a stage of standardized and stable growth, becoming one of the Internet talent gathering places, and mobile R & D and product managers have become just needed.” Fan Jing, director of marketing department of Zhilian recruitment Chongqing Branch, believes that professional services / consulting, education / training / institutions in the tertiary industry have built hot SAAS and online education tracks in the wave of digital transformation in recent years, driving the expansion of demand for data and R & D talents.

In terms of the salary that job seekers pay most attention to, the professional services / consulting industry is the most “generous”, and the recruitment salary for the eight core positions of product technology is higher than that of the Internet industry; the online game industry is also more powerful in recruiting talents with high salary. In addition, as an important part of the new infrastructure, artificial intelligence has a high penetration in the industrial upgrading of various fields, and the importance of talents is self-evident. Therefore, cross-border AI talents also have high value, and the salary of 27722 yuan / month offered by the professional services / consulting industry is particularly eye-catching.

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