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In April 2021, the market share of windows 10 20h2 exceeds 40% From AdDuplex

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According to adduplex, windows 10 20h2 is becoming the most popular version of the operating system. Of the 70000 computers surveyed by the ad network, 40.1% were running Windows 1020h2 in April, which means up to 10% progress in a month.

Old windows   The 2010-2004 version still has a slight market share of 40.6% in April, but the 21h1 version to be launched next month should easily become the first.

11.1% of the computers surveyed this month are still running the 1909 version of windows 10, and the market share of older versions is in single digits.

Adduplex’s data is based on computers running the company’s advertising software, so it’s not the perfect picture of the windows 10 ecosystem that now includes more than a billion devices. However, in the absence of Microsoft’s detailed monthly statistics, adduplex’s monthly survey can at least illustrate some problems.

More reading from cnBeta: adduplex: in May 2019, the market share of windows 10 update will reach 33% adduplex: Windows 10 may 2019, the market share of windows 10 update will double rapidly adduplex: one third of PCs are running 1909 version of windows 10addduplex: in May 2020, the market share of windows 10 update will exceed 11% netmarketshare: in June 2018, the market share of Windows 7 system will increase to 43.03% netm Marketshare: by the end of 2018, windows 10 is expected to become the world’s largest desktop system. Valve: in July 2019, the proportion of windows 10 users on steam platform will reach a new high. StatCounter: in February 2018, the market share of windows 10 will reach 43.54%. Valve: in February 2016, the share of windows 10 on steam platform will be almost the same as that of Windows 7. In January 2016, the 64 bit share of windows 10 on steam platform will reach 32.77% Windows 10 accounts for 24% of the computer market. Net applications: in March 2015, windows 10 preview accounts for 0.09% of the market. Adduplex: nearly 30% of windows 10 pcs now use 20h2 version. Adduplex: the first anniversary of the release of windows 10, the global upgrade rate exceeds 80%. Adduplex: 86.3% of windows 10 users use the annual update version

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