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Nearly 30% of windows 10 pcs now use 20h2 From AdDuplex

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Adduplex released a monthly report on Windows 10 usage based on user information collected from 5000 Microsoft Store apps using adduplex SDK v.2 or higher in March. About 80000 PCs were surveyed and the data collection ended on March 26.

Starting from the latest version 20h2 of windows 10, the promotion speed of the new version of windows 10 seems to be significantly accelerated in the past month. According to the report, this version is now used on 29.9% of PCs, up from 20% in February, and has become the second most popular version. Last month, the promotion of this version lagged behind the 1909 version a year ago, but in this month’s report, the situation has reversed. In March 2020, the 1909 version runs on 28.2% of PCs.

Despite the growth of 20h2, the previous release of 2004 did not show any decline. In fact, it was on 42.1% of windows 10 pcs this month, slightly higher than 41.8% in February. The biggest drop seems to be in the November 2019 update, or 1909 version, which last month was 26.8% of PCs and now is only 18.4%.

Other older versions have continued to decline, but not so significantly. Update in May 2019, that is, the 1903 version dropped from 5.8% last month to 4.6%, while the 1809 version dropped from 1.4% to 1.2%, and the 1803 version dropped from 1.7% to 1.4%. All other previous versions add up from 2.1% to 1.9% of PCs,. On the other hand, the number of users running insider build increased from 0.3% to 0.5%, which may be due to the wider availability of 21h1, including the help of ISO and pre release validation.

From the historical chart, things are going along similar to what we saw in the 1909 version, though slower than the 2004 version. Both 1909 and 20h2 are more focused on fixes and minor improvements, so this explains why adoption is slower than updates that add more new features and major changes.

Adduplex: one third of PCs are running the 1909 version of windows 10 adduplex: Windows 10 may, the market share of the update in 2019 is rapidly doubling adduplex: in May 2019, the share of the update in Windows 10 will reach 33% adduplex: in May 2020, the market share of the update in Windows 10 will exceed 11% adduplex: Windows 10 Adduplex: 86.3% of windows 10 users use the annual update version adduplex: 65.5% of windows 10 creators update in August 2017 adduplex: Windows 10 market share in August 2020 v1909 and 1903 both account for more than 33% adduplex: lumia is the best-selling windows 10 mobile phone in the world in February 2017 650 adduplex: in May 2015, the share of windows 10 mobile increased to 2.3% adduplex: 3.3% WP users have risen to windows 10 adduplex: in December 2018, the market share of surface Pro 4 reached 21.88% adduplex: in September 2014, the share of surface RT of windows devices reached 9.82% Microsoft: in March 2018, the number of active devices of global windows in October exceeded 600 million StatCounter: in February 2018, windows 10 market share of 43.54%

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