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89% of Indians prefer to play games on PC From HP India

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According to a study conducted by HP, the Indian game industry is increasingly inclined to use PCs to play games. 89% of Indians believe that PCs provide a better gaming experience than smartphones.

More importantly, 37% of mobile game players said that they would migrate to PC to play games in order to get a better experience.

In India, compared with mobile phones, the popularity of PC is limited, which is a huge growth opportunity for the PC game industry. Millennials and Gen Z respondents (70%) and casual and enthusiastic gamers (75%) tend to play games on PCs.

94% of respondents in second tier cities, 88% of respondents in first tier cities and 87% of metropolitan players prefer to play games on PCs rather than mobile phones.

Game as a profession

Games have also become a viable employment opportunity, and more than 90% of respondents agree that the game industry is a viable career choice. This may sound surprising, but 84% of female respondents want to work in games, higher than men (80%). 91% of Generation X and 88% of school students also have this idea.

Respondents from second tier cities (84%) seem to prefer the game industry than metropolitan people (78%).

In addition to games, respondents also emphasized that entertainment (54%), photo / video editing (54%) and graphic design (48%) were other key tasks performed on computers, and emphasized the versatility of computers with game functions.

As a pressure eliminator

Another finding of the survey is that PC games are emerging as a stress relief tool and a tool to connect with friends and family, especially in the period of limited social interaction.

More than 92% of respondents believe that games can help relieve work / learning pressure, reduce pressure and stimulate positive emotions. In addition, 91% of Indians believe that games can promote better peer networking and help to make new friends. Similarly, 91% of respondents also believe that games can improve attention and concentration.

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