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New crown fashion delays earth overload day 2020 From NFN

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NFN (National Footprint Network) released the earth ecological overload day in 2021, which contains the latest annual ecological footprint and biological carrying capacity data. Generally, due to the United Nations reporting process, there is a delay of three to four years between the latest data and the current data.

Swiss ecological overload day in 2021:

The per capita ecological footprint of Switzerland is 4.47 GHA (2017)

The global biological carrying capacity is 1.6 GHA per person (2017)

Therefore, if everyone lives like a Swiss, it needs (4.47 / 1.6) = 2.79 earths, or we can determine that the overload day in Switzerland is 365 * (1.6 / 4.47) = 131, the 131st day of the year. The 131st day in 2021 is May 11, which is the overload day in Switzerland.

Not all countries will be overloaded one day. According to the national overload equation, only when the per capita ecological footprint is greater than the per capita global biological carrying capacity (1.63 GHA) can a country have overload days. Therefore, countries with per capita ecological footprint lower than the global per capita biological carrying capacity (1.63 GHA) and no overload days are not included in the table below.

If citizens all over the world live like American citizens, the global demand for resources will require the resources of five complete planets every year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the so-called “earth overload day” occurred later than usual, that is, August 22, 2020. In 2019, it happened on July 29, and it started earlier and earlier from August 18, 2009.

Industrialized countries have made the greatest contribution to the development of world overload day. Qatar, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates are actually “contributing” more than the United States. If the world goes on living like this, these countries will consume 5.5 to 9.1 earths, but because of their small population size, they can’t actually compare with the larger developed countries such as the United States.

If they follow the lifestyle of other industrialized countries in Europe and Asia, they will use 4 to 2.5 earths. China’s living standard means that it will exhaust 2.3 earths. Indonesia will usher in the local overload day on December 18, 2021, and is nearly running out of resources allocated to it.

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