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Report on the development of China’s cross border e-commerce in 2021 From Google & Deloitte

The following is the Report on the development of China’s cross border e-commerce in 2021 From Google & Deloitte recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Deloitte Consulting , Overseas shopping, Electronic Commerce.

The report points out that in 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, consumers will switch to online consumption on a large scale, which will stimulate the rapid development of the global e-commerce retail industry. From the perspective of e-commerce retail sales, from 2019 to 2020, the overall retail sales of e-commerce in Europe, the United States and major countries in the Asia Pacific region have experienced a rapid growth of more than 15%. Among them, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, computers and mobile phones receive online dividends to varying degrees. With the change of consumer behavior, these categories will continue to have opportunities after the epidemic.

It is worth mentioning that under the trend of the epidemic situation speeding up the online consumption channels, consumers’ consumption on the brand official website continues to increase, and the brand official website ushers in a new round of development opportunities. On the one hand, the growth of the brand official website comes from the two-way increase of consumers’ shopping frequency and single consumption amount; on the other hand, during the epidemic period, all major categories of online consumers have tried new brands, and the online brand pattern is expected to usher in a reshuffle, bringing a round of remodeling period for the brand official website.

Compared with other countries, China’s cross-border e-commerce enterprises enjoy unique advantages in terms of policy, supply chain and talents. After a detailed analysis of six types of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China, including foreign trade factories, platform sellers, flow oriented independent stations, channel brand oriented independent stations, product brand oriented independent stations and domestic brands going to sea, the report summarizes the confusion and concerns of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading from three aspects of products, users and brands Point:


Although some Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies have begun to realize the importance of digitalization of user behavior, many enterprises have not realized in-depth and continuous mining of user demand and used it to improve their business; in the process of operation, they still use a single Gmv index to guide their operation, fail to establish an index system that comprehensively displays the consumer portrait and the full dynamic path, and can not use this kind of data to effectively drive customers It is urgent to improve the user experience and repurchase rate in the development of mobile marketing promotion, product development, user life cycle management and other business optimization.


Backed by China’s strong supply chain system, China’s cross-border e-commerce often has strong production capacity, but there is still room for improvement in product development. On the one hand, some enterprises represented by flow oriented enterprises do not have good product capability accumulation in the early stage, and supply chain and self design capability still need to be built for a period of time. On the other hand, the common problem of China’s cross-border e-commerce is that product development can not accurately meet the needs of overseas consumers, and it is difficult to carry out product development and new planning based on their pain points and preferences.


Foreign consumers pay more attention to the spiritual value brought by the brand, while the brand construction of China’s cross-border e-commerce is still in the primary stage, and the shaping and transmission of brand values is still a big challenge for most cross-border e-commerce. For example, how to tell a good brand story that can arouse the resonance of overseas consumers, and thus establish an emotional connection with consumers. In addition, Chinese cross-border e-commerce brands pay more attention to product level effect marketing, often ignoring the spiritual level of marketing, which is difficult to occupy the minds of consumers. How to balance the investment in product advertising and brand advertising, not only pay attention to short-term investment and effect, but also pay attention to the balance of medium and long-term investment and income, is an urgent problem for the sustainable development of China’s cross-border e-commerce brands.

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