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2020-2021 white paper on growth of cross border export E-commerce From Morketing

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The following is the 2020-2021 white paper on growth of cross border export E-commerce From Morketing recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Overseas shopping, Electronic Commerce, research report.

In the first half of 2020, the epidemic will spread all over the world, and the international market demand will drop sharply; flights are limited, manpower is scarce, and the logistics contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent; homogenization competition is fierce, leading to monopoly of big sellers, and it is difficult for small and micro sellers to enter.

There are many inherent difficulties. Trade globalization is still an inevitable trend. Only differentiated commodity circulation can achieve mutual benefit. Cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies are widely used; social e-commerce is a new way to play, and live delivery mode is popular; how can cross-border export e-commerce turn crisis into opportunity in the second half of the year? How to release the long accumulated consumption demand?

Morketing Research Institute, an industry research and analysis brand of morketing, specially launched the white paper on the growth of cross border export e-commerce in 2020-2021. The main audience is practitioners in China’s cross border export e-commerce industry, upstream and downstream enterprises and practitioners in related marketing industries, etc. We are committed to helping them understand the digital marketing trends of the current cross-border export e-commerce industry, as well as the trends of related industries, break the industry cognitive barriers, promote business development, and promote the rapid growth of the industry.

This report is attached with the “marketing ecology map of cross border export e-commerce of mortketing 2020” compiled and produced by mortketing Research Institute, which includes more than 250 typical enterprises in the cross-border export e-commerce marketing industry chain in 2020, starting from four modules of export e-commerce, flow platform, information and operation service, and subdividing each module. Compared with last year’s newly added warehousing and logistics, overseas celebrity marketing and mobile attribution platform, other regions have also been updated separately, and morketing will continue to be updated periodically.

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