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2020 agent white paper

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According to the “white paper on intelligent agent” jointly compiled by IDC, China informatization 100 people’s Association, China information and Communication Research Institute, China artificial intelligence industry development alliance and Huawei, at the historical turning point before the outbreak of the fourth industrial revolution, the new concept of “intelligent agent” will promote cities, industries and enterprises to reasonably use this reference framework in the intelligent upgrading, so as to speed up the high-tech development of the whole society Quality development.

The white paper shows that in a smart society, data, as an important factor of production, needs to transform data resources into “intelligent resources” through the key common digital infrastructure of “digitization of any object and information”, “universal connection of any information” and “storage and calculation of massive information”, so as to effectively support the digital transformation of all walks of life, move towards intelligent upgrading and reconstruct the system Test, optimize process and enable innovation. This requires a variety of ICT key technologies to form an integrated collaborative development, with intelligent interaction as the perception system, high-speed connection as the nerve conduction system, and AI deployed on the cloud as the central system, so as to form an open intelligent system with three-dimensional perception, global cooperation, accurate judgment and continuous evolution, and become a human like agent.

Agent integrates and cooperatively develops connectivity, computing, cloud, AI and industry applications to form an open, compatible, stable and mature basic supporting technology system, which is a reference architecture for intelligent upgrading. Provide scenario solutions according to different needs, help enterprise customers achieve business success, and help the government to realize industrial development, benefit the people and good governance.

At the same time, the white paper emphasizes that agent construction is a systematic project, which requires systematic planning and long-term investment. Most projects need 3-5 years or even longer to achieve significant results. Through the analysis of a large number of industries and enterprises’ digital transformation practice, the industry has accumulated a set of universal and universal implementation framework, including consultation, planning, implementation, operation and maintenance, continuous operation, supporting ecosystem construction and other modules. As well as the three-stage implementation path from first building connection, then optimization, and finally to intelligence.

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