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When asked how much the annual return rate of financial products exceeds, it will feel risky. The risk warning point of users has continued to decline for four years, from 10% in 2017 / 2018 and 6% in 2019 to 5.0% in the post epidemic period, a four-year low. This means that the risk awareness of users is strengthening year by year, and the income risk awareness of financial products is more comprehensive.

With the improvement of the epidemic situation, the user’s confidence in the financial investment environment in the post epidemic period has warmed up, and the product’s multi configuration willingness is higher.

During the epidemic period, the “expenditure income ratio” of users decreased significantly. Even if the epidemic was controlled, the consumption desire of users did not return to the level before the epidemic. The concept of casual consumption has gradually changed into more cautious consumption.

After the test of epidemic situation, the public pay more attention to health. The survey report shows that this year, users pay more attention to personal health related insurance. For the first time, serious illness insurance has surpassed accident insurance and become the most valued insurance. In addition, inpatient medical insurance, exclusive medical insurance for special diseases and outpatient and emergency medical insurance are also more willing to allocate.

The outbreak of the epidemic has made banks vigorously advocate non-contact services. The most obvious feature of the banking industry this year is “the acceleration of online development and the new marketing mode of banks”. According to the survey, mobile banking app has become the “main battlefield” of banking services. Compared with last year, the number of users handling business through mobile banking app has increased by 15.9%. In addition, this year, the bank also launched new online marketing methods, such as customer manager online studio, online classroom or short video promotion, which are highly accepted by users. The report points out that “the new marketing methods represented by short videos will help to change users’ stereotype of banks.”

New portrait of small and micro business owners

As the capillaries of the national economy, small and micro enterprises are relatively small in size and weak in risk resistance, which are more directly affected by this year’s epidemic.

In 2019, 78.9% of small and micro business owners expect revenue to rise, while in 2020, 76.0% of small and micro business owners expect revenue to decline. According to the survey, small and micro business owners have low expectations for the revenue situation in 2020: over 70% of them believe that the revenue and net profit of enterprises will decline this year. 62.8% of small and micro business owners expect that the impact of the epidemic will continue until 2021.

The epidemic has changed the view of most small and micro business owners on business from “seeking development in 2019” to “seeking survival”. Compared with “peer competition is the biggest challenge for enterprise operation” in 2019, this year’s small and micro enterprises are facing such challenges as “reduction of orders, insufficient revenue, rising prices of raw materials, insufficient cash flow and slower payment collection”, which directly affect the survival and profitability of enterprises.

Corresponding to the hardship of the objective environment is the warmth of the subjective environment. In the face of the difficulties of small and micro business owners, banks actively respond to the call of national policies, increase the attention to the loan demand of small and micro enterprises, optimize the loan policy, and reduce the difficulty and cost of small and micro enterprises to obtain loans. According to the survey, 50.7% of small and micro enterprises think that the difficulty of loans this year is much lower than that of last year.

The strong and tenacity of the owners of small and micro businesses is worthy of respect. Although they are facing business difficulties under the epidemic situation, the survey report shows that 83.6% of the owners of small and micro businesses have strong confidence in the operation in the next year. They have strong willpower and momentum, and are more active in the face of adversity, so they are full of confidence in the long-term development of the enterprises.

Finally, the report also discusses some countermeasures for the business problems faced by small and micro business owners. For example, banks can help small and micro business owners build a customer exchange platform to ease the problem of customer expansion by opening up the upstream and downstream relationship chain of small and micro businesses. I believe that with the joint efforts of many parties, small and micro enterprises will get through the difficulties and regain growth.

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