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2020 big data report on China’s Internet consumption ecology From CBNData

The following is the 2020 big data report on China’s Internet consumption ecology From CBNData recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, research report.

The report points out that as the biggest variable of the world economy this year, the epidemic will reduce global output by more than 6 trillion US dollars and Global trade by about one fifth. Nevertheless, China is still one of the few economies to maintain positive growth. At the same time, the new pattern of “internal circulation and double circulation” was born, and domestic brands ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. These are the changes that are taking place at present.

Consumption differentiation is prominent and rational consumption is returning. According to the cbndata report, the trend of national disposable income in the first half of 2020 shows a deep V-shape. The rationalist attitude of “spending money on the blade” has become the mainstream, and the category of “new rigid demand” has been spawned by the epidemic. The proportion of medical health and nourishing health care in consumers’ shopping basket continues to increase. At the same time, home isolation and home office make the consumption of general merchandise and pets under the “home scene” continue to be strengthened. The consumption of cosmetics, general merchandise and pets showed an overall upgrade; more affordable and light-weight health products entered the market, showing a trend of popularization; the middle market of clothing and home decoration shrank, and the affordable and high-end markets were more attracted.

Health consumption multidimensional extension, medical scene to daily penetration. During the outbreak of the epidemic, health information once became popular. The upgrading of the concept of national health accelerated the penetration of health needs into daily consumption scenarios, and extended low-frequency medical scenarios such as consultation to daily health management scenarios. The rising health demand not only runs through the daily consumption, but also reflects in the process of actively seeking professional medical services. According to the cbndata report, by the first half of 2020, about 18% of Internet users had used online registration and consultation services. Around the online inquiry scene, some of the treatment scenes after treatment also use the online channel to realize the service penetration, the medicine delivery home is widely popular, and the online consumption of health equipment is also increasing rapidly. With the opening of these medical scenarios, consumers’ health care needs of the whole link have gradually realized a deeper digital remodeling.

The importance of home has been reiterated, and the relationship between human and environment has been reshaped. Home isolation and working at home make the relationship between “people and home” closer, and also stimulate the national demand for the upgrading of living space. The concept of “home ownership” has been extended, and the relationship between “people and environment” has also been reflected. The concept of environmental protection and sustainable development has been accelerated because of the epidemic. As a companion at home, pets also received more care from excrement shovelling officials. According to the cbndata report, pet consumption is booming at 1.5 times the overall online growth rate, among which the trend of diet upgrading and health concern is prominent.

Anxiety is in urgent need of release, and the demand for “charging” is in full swing. In the first quarter of the severe epidemic, the user stickiness of online novels increased significantly, becoming one of the channels to pass the time and relieve anxiety. The theme of shuanggan, which is typical of “the reversion of husband”, has become popular and has a tendency to go out of the circle. The epidemic has also brought unprecedented workplace anxiety to the people, and the public’s “thirst for knowledge” has increased significantly. According to the cbndata report, around the improvement of workplace skills, consumers from the “80’s” and “95’s” are rapidly pouring into the market. The “80’s” prefer psychological counseling training and career development courses, while the “95’s” prefer design / animation and it courses. Pan knowledge content is also warming up in an all-round way. The hard core up main works of station B, such as banfo fairy and Bi Dao, are both entertaining and popular, becoming the preferred channel for young people to acquire knowledge.

“Cloud based” has become a new digital infrastructure for enterprises. According to the cbndata report, the number of online education users has experienced explosive growth in the first quarter of this year, with an increase of 60% in June. “Cloud office” has also transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Until September, the scale of cloud office users remained at the level of 300 million. The efficiency improvement brought by telecommuting also allows business owners to accelerate the layout of new digital infrastructure. The demand for offline entertainment has been limited after the outbreak of the epidemic. The emergence of online forms such as cloud tourism and cloud concert has filled in the lack of offline entertainment life for consumers.

Home economy returns to the air outlet, and the campaign of looking for new increment starts. In many industries affected by the epidemic and facing great pressure, fresh e-commerce and community group buying have frequently spread explosive orders, with an alarming growth. According to the cbndata report, about 1 / 4 of the community group buying users are new users during the epidemic period. It is estimated that the market scale of community group buying will exceed 120 billion yuan by 2021.

The new consumption reshapes the “brand power” and the traditional enterprises have a hard time keeping business. The new generation of consumers who are mainly “post-90s” and “Z generation” are becoming the main consumers. They are easy to grow grass and are willing to taste new things. At the same time, they pay more attention to quality and experience. Faced with the change of generations of consumers, big brands need to have a keen insight into the changes of market demand wind direction, and respond to market demand with their own resources and flow advantages.

“Localization” identity intensifies, and new domestic products are irresistible. According to the cbndata report, consumers’ attention to Chinese brands has increased from 38% to 70% in a decade. On the one hand, the epidemic has further cultivated consumers’ awareness and demand for local brands; on the other hand, the policy orientation of internal circulation and the inclination of production resources have also provided historic opportunities for the rise of domestic products.

Live reconstruction after the outbreak of consumer links ushered in a “cooling off period.”. E-commerce live broadcasting has become a “new shelf” of “savage” growth this year, constantly reconstructing the consumer experience from planting grass to consumption, and also helping the brand to grow against the trend. According to the cbndata report, the scale of live e-commerce market is expected to exceed one trillion in 2020, and the penetration rate of live e-commerce users among online shopping users has reached 41% by June this year.

Content marketing seeks a way out in the homogeneous competition of “transformation anxiety”. Affected by the epidemic, content marketing has experienced transformation anxiety, but at the same time, there are still content boom, which has achieved the double harvest of traffic reputation and business goals. In the new era of consumption, conforming to the tuyere, tonality matching and form innovation have become the keys of content marketing.

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