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2020 China abnormal traffic report From Second hand system & China EU Business Review

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According to the second hand calculation, the loss of China’s brand advertising market due to abnormal traffic in 2020 is about 30.5 billion yuan, the highest in the past three years.

Through the analysis of PC, mobile, new from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 TV terminal covers 66000 + advertising activities of 1800 + brands in 1000 + media (including OTV, display, information flow, screen opening, text chain, pause, corner sign, band aid, rich media, creative plug-in, oral broadcast, naming board, outdoor brand, building dynamic screen), as well as offline media, website reservation, social platform and Ko L and other forms of marketing and media monitoring, the report found that: in 2020, Internet advertising can not be IVT decision traffic accounted for 19.5%, abnormal traffic accounted for 8.6%; by media type, vertical media and advertising alliance are the disaster areas of abnormal traffic; in 2020, the abnormal exposure of fashion information vertical media is the most serious.

By industry, food and beverage abnormal exposure accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 11.2%. Vehicles, home furnishings and home furnishings followed closely, accounting for 10.5% and 10.4% of abnormal exposure respectively. In addition, the medical and health care and clothing industry will be on the list in 2020. In different industries, the most abnormal clicks were vehicles, accounting for 13.5%, and the industry was newly listed in 2020.

In addition, the abnormal traffic of social platforms accounted for more than 50%, and the abnormal traffic of social platforms in luxury industry accounted for 58%. The average proportion of invalid KOL fans is as high as 60%, and the average proportion of invalid KOL fans in the head is higher than that in the waist and tail; in 2020, more than 1 / 3 websites have abnormal retention funds; the annual decision rate of new TV advertising is 97%, and the abnormal flow rate is 5.9%; the outdoor monitoring abnormal rate is 5.7%, the abnormal broadcast advertising abnormal rate is 9.3%, the abnormal points in digital monitoring are 2.0%, and the abnormal times are 10.3%.

Under the trend of content-based marketing, social platform and KOL marketing are still hot. On the other hand, data fraud and rampant water army are the biggest challenges of social marketing. It has become an open secret to brush volume, praise and comment. For advertisers, the effectiveness of advertising on social platforms needs to be evaluated more accurately.

Second hand system socialmaster and mingjianyou KOL system data show that: in 2020, the overall abnormal traffic of mainstream social platforms accounts for 51%, and the average invalid fans of KOL is as high as 60.5%. In addition, the effective fans rate of KOL was negatively correlated with KOL level, and the water content of head KOL was relatively higher.

It is worth noting that the overall abnormal rate of offline outdoor advertising is more than 5%, and the average abnormal rate of railway station and subway station is higher in offline scenes.

According to the monitoring data of the second hand system, in 2020, 5.7% of the outdoor monitoring stations are abnormal; 2.0% of the outdoor digital screen stations are abnormal; the number of missing stations is 10.3%; the number of multicast stations is 99.7%; and 9.3% of the broadcast advertisements are abnormal.

In the four outdoor scenes, the average abnormal rate of advertising is 4.4%, and the abnormal rate of railway station and subway station is higher, which are 8.2% and 6.9% respectively. The abnormal rate of airport and cinema is relatively low, 3.2% and 3.1% respectively.

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