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2020 China carbon neutral comprehensive report From Energy Foundation

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China’s carbon neutral comprehensive report 2020: a new journey of China’s Modernization: a new growth story from the 14th five year plan to carbon neutral is a strategic research report led by the energy foundation and coordinated by the center for global sustainable development of the University of Maryland, and co written by 21 authors from eight institutions at home and abroad. This report is an important work achievement of the China medium and long term low carbon development strategy working group of the energy foundation. The report comprehensively expounds the new growth path to support China to achieve the carbon neutral goal by 2060 and the modernization vision goal at the same time, and provides reference for the long-term sector strategy and short-term action needed for China to achieve zero net emissions by 2060.

After using multi model comparative analysis, the report team found that China’s 2060 carbon neutralization target is roughly consistent with the “cost optimal” path to achieve the global 1.5 ° C temperature control target. China needs to act immediately and respond positively to the global call for accelerated climate action. By the middle of this century, China needs to achieve zero net CO2 emission as far as possible, and significantly reduce the emissions of non CO2 greenhouse gases.

The core of the report is to set emission reduction targets and paths for key industries, including both strategic targets for policy makers and specific actions of various industries. Through the comprehensive utilization and analysis of various models, the report points out that: the power industry must decline immediately after reaching the peak, and achieve zero carbon or negative emissions by 2050; compared with 2015, the construction and industrial industries must achieve 90% emission reduction, the transportation industry must achieve 80% emission reduction, and all industries need to reach the peak as soon as possible; improve the demand side response and energy storage of grid infrastructure through flexible power generation By 2050, most of the district heating systems in northern cities of China will be decarbonized; the overall scale of industrial energy demand will be controlled and the carbon intensity will be reduced; comprehensive management of transportation planning will be realized to promote energy efficiency improvement and the use of low-carbon vehicles; by 2050, China will increase 35 million hectares of forest area compared with 2015; new unused CCUs will be stopped In order to realize the system energy saving, we should continue to improve the energy efficiency standards and labeling plan of household appliances and incorporate intelligent technology; further resolve the overcapacity, optimize the industrial structure, improve efficiency and innovation ability; give full play to the effect of railway and water transportation, and speed up the adjustment of long-distance freight structure We will continue to implement and strengthen sustainable forest management to maintain and enhance forest carbon sequestration. In addition, the report believes that it is possible to formulate a transformation strategy for multiple departments to achieve multiple development goals at the same time.

To achieve carbon neutralization, the key research that needs further research in the future includes: how to reach a consensus on a new growth path, how to promote industry transformation, how to eliminate coal in the whole economy, how to promote decarbonization through sustainable financial and technological innovation, and how to control non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, addressing climate change is not only a problem for the central government, but also a challenge for local governments. Therefore, the report also makes corresponding suggestions on Provincial strategies and actions.

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