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With the improvement of aesthetic awareness and skin care awareness of the new generation of Chinese men, men’s care has become one of the categories with obvious growth in China’s cosmetics market. At the same time, in 2020, a large number of new and cutting-edge men’s care brands are favored by the capital market, and get explosive attention on the short video platform, injecting fresh vitality into the whole men’s beauty market. China tiktok market is China’s beauty market. In order to track the trend of China’s men’s beauty market, we have published a large number of 2020 Chinese men’s beauty market insights report, which helps the market to extract the key words of “male economy” from the rich content ecology.

“Male face” arouses heated discussion, “delicate boy” has awakened

“Sweet wild boy” Ding really quickly became popular. As of December 17, 2020, the chattering platform tiktok had got more than 2 billion 600 million times of broadcasting, which triggered a heated debate on the whole network’s rise to the “male face”. The discussion of “male beauty” is not only women’s judgment of male beauty, but also the awakening and attention of men’s self beauty consciousness. Currently, the male users of tiktok are approaching 1/3 of the total beauty users.

The first step of delicacy is skin care

With the awakening of men’s consciousness of self-image promotion, make-up and skin care are no longer exclusive to girls, and more and more boys embark on the road of refined boys. Huge amount of data shows that the growth rate of the broadcast volume of skin care related content in 2020q3 male users is significantly higher than that of female users, and the awareness of male users to accept and pay attention to skin care related content is increasing. At the same time, the broadcast volume of men’s skin care related content accounts for nearly 60% of men’s beauty content market, which has become the mainstay of men’s beauty market. It can be seen that exquisite skin care has become an indispensable course for boys.

What do you use for men’s make-up? Cleansing and Concealer are just needed.

How does exquisite male god little plain skin? In men’s skin care category, facial cleaning ranks first, which is a “just need” that delicate boys can’t give up. Men also pay more attention to cosmetics and shaving products. Clean and refreshing become the key words of men’s skin care. In the men’s make-up, the concealer and the foundation become the TOP category. The growth rate of the concealer is over 50%, and having a clean face is the common demand of the fine boys.

The most effective is acids

Due to the physiological differences, boys are more likely to have pox problems than girls, so how to quickly and effectively remove acne has become a pain point for male users in the process of skin care. In the ranking of skin care efficacy, acne clearing and acne removing and cleaning functions are the most concerned by men, and the corresponding ingredients such as VC, amino acid, tretinoin and salicylic acid are also at the forefront of the top search.

The difference between generations is great, and the high line is refined

Men of different ages have different skin conditions and skin care needs. After 90 and 00, the younger user groups had more skin care and the top three of facial essence. The mature group over 30 years old paid more attention to skin resistance, and had higher preference for sunscreen products and fine care, such as eye essence.

In addition, user groups at different line levels also show great differences in preferences. The front-line and second-line high line users are more sophisticated, facial and eye essence become the focus of skin care, while the three and lower line users are more relaxed and more concerned about shaving and basic skin care.

Top brand competition is strong, and new brands are competing to enter

Under the general situation of “male beauty” economy, beauty brands have entered the bureau one after another, and L’Oreal and other top brands have taken advantage of scale to seize the market. At the same time, the rise of new brands, such as London circle, Jinan and other new brands, to establish emotional connection, innovative challenge game play and other new marketing mode began to break the game, and occupy a place in the top 10 brands.

How to attract male users? Strong selling point + professional design

How to attract male beauty users? Simple, direct and efficient. The characteristics of men’s beauty shopping are consistent with their love of news, cars and other serious content. The outstanding product features such as star ingredients / efficacy, and the image of professional interpretation and evaluation are more likely to attract them and win their trust, so as to achieve the final effective transformation.


When beauty breaks through the limitation of gender, men’s pursuit of beauty is no longer suppressed. From delicate skin care to color make-up, male beauty lovers are getting rid of the stereotype of “Niang”. They are fresh and decent in appearance and are facing life with a more positive attitude. For the beauty industry, with the increase of residents’ income level and consumption upgrading, the improvement of men’s self-image awareness makes the market of men’s “beauty market” still expanding. Although there are still some problems, such as lack of professional brands and special line products, the development potential of future market segments is still strong.

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