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2020 city food index report From Huge amount of calculation

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For 600 million tiktok, it is a form of entertainment to start tiktok, and there are many fresh and fresh video contents on the flick, which can “see a bigger world”.

Later, tiktok can sell things in the jitter, and users can find good products on the tiktok. Delicacy tiktok delicacy began to tiktok its own food in 2020, and gourmet guests were trying to punch daily attendance.

What’s good to eat after work today? Hot pot fast food barbecue

From the group portrait data, the whole food interest users show the characteristics of feminization, low age and high line. Among them, women account for more than 55%, and their preference is significantly higher than that of men; more than 40% of interested users are under 30 years old, and their preference for food is far higher than that of other age groups; nearly half of users in high-speed city have high preference.

Among the gourmet users, a large part of them are “senior eaters”. In 2020, nearly 45% of the total consumers like gourmet videos more than 20 times. Nearly 60% of users like it more than 10 times.

According to the data, the proportion of domestic food has increased significantly in the past two years. With the diversification of food, local food has attracted more and more attention. From the perspective of geographical distribution, the broadcast amount of Chinese food in inland cities is relatively high, while the food preference in coastal cities is more diversified. The proportion of Chinese food broadcast in all cities increased to varying degrees, and the proportion and broadcast volume of Wuhan, Ningbo and other cities increased significantly.

Delicacy hot pot, delicacy and barbecue became the three most popular dishes for users. Tiktok, fast food and barbecue were the most popular buffet users. The total volume of playback in 19 years accounted for 39.5% of the food consumption, while in 2020 it increased to 45.6%. Most cities in Shandong and Northeast China have a high preference for barbecue, especially some cities in Northeast China have the highest broadcast volume of barbecue in China. Cities in the northwest and Southeast have obvious map boundaries in their preference for hot pot, while cities with high preference for fast food often lack local characteristics.

Over the past two years, users’ preferences for food flavors have changed greatly, with the broadcast volume of fresh and sweet flavors increasing by more than 110%. But spicy is still the first choice for users. In addition to the changes in traditional tastes, users are also full of exploration for the ultimate taste, and the increase of abnormal spicy and smelly related broadcast volume is more obvious.

Food becomes a new name card of city influence communication

Tiktok is also a good soil for delicacy. In terms of the quality of food related videos, the average number of food videos played and forwarded is higher than that of the market. Interactive data beyond the market average also shows that users are more willing to comment and like food related content.

In terms of the number of videos with POI, food videos will show an overall growth trend in 2020. Especially after February, the desire for food was released, and the number of offline food punch in videos increased significantly. Compared with the number of videos with food POI, the consumer power of food videos is more prominent. Compared with the trend of video volume, the increase of the number of videos related to food POI is more obvious.

In addition, from the performance of five types of POI videos in cities, food videos are in the top position in terms of content supply and consumption.

Delicacy city delicacy and city influence spread are very important. Tiktok also measures the food influence of the main cities through the SIRFA model, and the index of urban gourmet prosperity.

According to sirfa model, the top 15 cities of food prosperity are evaluated from five dimensions of communication degree, influence degree, recommendation degree, favor degree and attraction degree

I speak for the food of my hometown: Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Xi’an and Chengdu have the highest pride in food

From the perspective of food Video dissemination, on the one hand, the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are in the lead in broadcast volume and video completion index; on the other hand, traditional food cities such as Xi’an, Chengdu and Chongqing are also in high dissemination areas.

From the perspective of food impact, first, cities in central and western provinces such as Sichuan, Shanxi, Henan and Anhui, and southeast coastal cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian have higher preference for food impact.

From the perspective of the proportion of local users’ praise of local food videos, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Chengdu, Xi’an, Beijing and other cities are endogenous food cities. The proportion of local users’ praise is above the average, and they have a local identity with food. Other cities are export-oriented cities, and the proportion of foreign users’ praise is relatively high.

In addition, the distribution of endogenous and export-oriented cities is very consistent with the distribution of influence degree of food videos, and most of the export-oriented cities are also cities with high preference of influence degree of food videos.

Only creation and food can live up to it

From the perspective of the number of food authors, the number of food authors has remained at a high level in 2020, with a higher growth rate compared with last year. The number of food authors in January doubled compared with the same period last year.

While the number keeps increasing, the activity of food authors is also increasing, which is significantly higher than that of the same period last year.

From the distribution of the proportion of food authors, the number of authors in low tier cities accounts for more than 60%, and the authors in low tier cities have a higher preference for food content creation.

From the delicacy of fans in the two years tiktok, the new author is rapidly accumulating in private areas, with fans 1000-5000, 140% in the two years, two in the head, and 100 thousand in the number of books.

From the perspective of participation, in addition to gourmet talents, gourmet merchants are also important content creators and ecological participants. In 2020, the number of delicious blue V began to increase rapidly after the special period, and the number of blue V in November was more than 3.6 times of the lowest month in February. Delicacy of the blue V author is more pronounced than the number of blue V authors, and the activity of tiktok V is increasing.

While delicacy tiktok V is developing rapidly, the jitter is also providing enough nutrients for the spread of the influence of blue V. Among the top 10 fans, 7 fans also ranked in the top 10 annual fans. The construction of private fence is accelerating. In addition to enterprises, there are also interesting changes in the online of offline stores. Nearly half of the food POI were distributed in high-speed cities, while the increase of food POI in low-speed cities was significantly higher than that in high-speed cities.

The “delicacy tiktok” on the shaking is also often a warm little story. In November 2020, a coffee shop in Yongkang Road, Shanghai, was tiktok; the furry bear paw gave a warm touch to passers-by in the cold winter. The staff delivered coffee through bear claw, which attracted countless customers to punch in, and the popularity in the platform remained high, once reaching the top 1 in the city list. It is understood that the coffee shop employs deaf mute people as the coffee shop manager, aiming to convey the “silent” warmth and enthusiasm.

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