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GP bullhound released the “2020 consumer subscription software insight report” and shared three main findings:

The impact of covid-19 and the subsequent global blockade has made CSS (consumer subscription software) business booming as people are looking for new ways to access content and services

Vooks is a digital reading tool to encourage children to read. Parents find ways to entertain and educate their children at home, which makes vooks have made great progress. The number of users has accelerated since January, and the platform now has more than 1 million teachers.

According to apptopia, mental health apps are also seeing explosive growth, as cowid-19 creates pressure and limits face-to-face treatment.

With the closure of the gymnasium, consumers will soon be able to access to new fitness habits. The number of paid users of digital fitness apps such as fiton has climbed to more than 100000. The peloton fitness app has doubled since February 2020.

The pressure on Apple stores and the resulting increase in costs

Most consumers download and pay for CSS services through two major app stores (apple and Google). Apple and Google make sure these apps are free of malware and illegal content, and provide distribution services to billions of consumers, thus bringing huge profits to the company.

However, in exchange for these services, apple charges a 30% initial subscription fee and a 15% renewal fee. As a result, monopoly complaints are increasing and regulators are beginning to take note, especially in Europe.

The ultimate outcome of any legal situation is uncertain, but any change in pricing levels will immediately drive the development of CSS services, increase profit margins, and generate billions of dollars for product development and user acquisition, thus driving growth.

Apple recently launched a lawsuit against epic, highlighting tensions between its former partners.

Education subscription services are rapidly gaining attention while improving the student experience

The impact of covid-19 on face-to-face learning and classroom education, most American schools choose online teaching after careful consideration, and digital tools are booming.

Monetization remains a challenge given school budget and it constraints.

Recent deals show how CSS business models can break this barrier: chegg bought Mathway, a math learning subscription tool, for more than $100 million.

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