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2020 data new infrastructure white paper From Weizhong bank

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At present, information technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things, large-scale storage, high-performance computing and chips are booming, and the world has entered the “big data era” of data explosion. Like the traditional capital, land, labor and technology, data is one of the important factors of production. Combined with computing power and algorithm, as a new type of social productivity, it plays a significant role in people’s production and life.

However, different from the traditional production factors that have gone through thousands of years, the history of data deeply shaping people’s production and life is only more than 20 years. Just like an adolescent, it makes us “love and hate”, love it facilitates and improves our life, hate it sometimes because of leakage, abuse, embezzlement and other problems. These “growing pains” hinder the maximum value of data and make it a reliable and sustainable productivity.

The exertion of productivity depends on the progress of infrastructure, so does data elements. Appropriate infrastructure is needed to overcome these problems and liberate productivity. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data are the most advanced technologies in the digital era. They represent the direction of advanced productivity and are expected to build a new digital infrastructure for data elements.

As the first Internet Bank in China, we deeply realize that reliable data application and standardized data governance are of great significance in many years of production, operation and customer service. We integrate the ability and experience accumulated in the field of financial technology to put forward a set of complete and effective data application and governance solutions for ourselves, our customers and the society, hoping to help the whole industry and society deeply understand and fully release data productivity.

This white paper focuses on this, and will show our conception, scheme and practice of “new data infrastructure”. Starting from the basic conditions for the release of productivity by production factors, the white paper deeply explores the phenomenon and causes of the problems that constrain data productivity. In order to solve these problems, the white paper summarizes the key features of the new data infrastructure into three core requirements: secure storage, trusted transmission and collaborative production. Guided by this requirement and relying on digital technology, the white paper then introduces our specific scheme and application cases of “new data infrastructure”. These solutions and applications come from our years of practice, hoping to bring inspiration and guiding value to the industry.

We hope that through this “new data infrastructure” program, we can stimulate efficient and stable data productivity and become the core driving force of leading economic development; build a reliable and safe data connection network and become the precious cornerstone of laying a good life; embody the concept of data governance that keeps pace with the times and become an important guide to promote social progress. We would like to use this white paper to provide some ideas and methods for the development of new data infrastructure, and hope to join hands with partners from all walks of life to contribute to the take-off of China’s digital economy.

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