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It is estimated that from 2019 to 2024, the growth rate of the dating market will reach 4.9%, exceeding the growth rate of the global economy. In the past few years, mobile dating applications have achieved a leap forward development, with online dating revenue expected to exceed $2.5 billion in 2024.

Overview of dating market and its users

Although the global dating service market is facing a certain degree of shrinkage due to the epidemic this year, it also accelerates the transformation of the whole dating service to mobile experience, and the dating market is expected to gradually return to stability before the end of the year.

Worldwide, the U.S. dating market has the highest proportion of paid users, reaching 40.6%, followed by China, with 31% of paying users; in Europe as a whole, the UK dating market has the highest proportion of paying users, accounting for 34.9%, followed by Germany, accounting for 33.9%.

In addition, the white paper also details the user profiles in the key markets. In almost all key markets, millennials account for the largest proportion of users: in the US market, for example, millennials (25-34 years old) account for 42.7% of all dating service users, and 45.6% in Germany.

And if you want to deeply cultivate this industry, you must dig into the preferences and habits of this important customer group. What do millennials think of love and loyalty? How does their definition of loyalty affect their choice and use of dating services? In view of this group’s preference, how can dating service providers improve their services? This white paper will provide scientific advice.

Strict selection of high-quality dating businesses, Facebook presents all-round solutions

Considering the particularity of the dating category, Facebook has developed a set of strict screening procedures for the entry of dating products. Only those dating advertisements with prior written permission from Facebook can appear in Facebook products.

On this basis, Facebook has the ability to help dating businesses lock in the customer groups they most need – whether they need to obtain a large number of new users in the initial stage of the application online, or have a number of fixed users who want to find more similar users, or want to find high-value users who can easily consume in the application, Facebook has corresponding efficient tools.

In addition, the white paper also provides simple and clear suggestions on the selection of advertising space, creating creative materials, making creative materials more suitable for mobile terminals, and so on. It provides a one-stop practical means from mining suitable customers, improving customer participation, enhancing customer retention and enhancing customer end value.

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