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2020 digital quality of life index report From Surfshark

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Surfshark, a VPN provider, has released the “2020 digital quality of life index.” the cheapest Internet on earth is often the worst. A survey of 85 countries found that Nigeria ranked third in broadband speed and fifth in broadband reliability. But Nigerians have to work more than 33 hours on average to afford the cheapest broadband in the country.

Many countries in Latin America suffer from the same problem. The Philippines is the most expensive country in Asia. Although the overall quality is poor, the average cost of a month’s broadband is equivalent to seven hours’ salary.

Many countries in Asia also offer cheap Internet. In Japan, China and Nepal, the cost of one month’s Internet access is lower than the average hourly wage, while in Indonesia and Singapore, the cost of one month’s Internet access is slightly higher than the average hourly wage. The latter is the country with the fastest Internet speed in the survey, and the reliability of the Internet is also the highest.

Reasonably priced and reliable internet connections can also be found in Canada, Israel and many European countries. Some Eastern European countries and Iran have provided affordable and stable networks, but there is a lack of speed. Montenegrin has become the lowest Internet price country in Europe with the Internet fee equivalent to 7-hour working salary.

Although the combination of poor quality services with high prices seems to be self contradictory on the surface, this imbalance can be explained by the backward infrastructure and low Internet penetration rate in some countries, which leads to the incomplete maturity.

Main achievements: global outlook

Seven of the 10 countries with the highest quality of digital life are in Europe.

High inequality in Internet affordability: 75% of respondents have to work harder to afford Internet fees.

Covid-19 has affected the stability of the Internet: due to the setting of WFH, the mobile speed of 49 out of 85 countries has decreased, and the broadband speed of 44 countries has decreased.

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