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Now, more than one billion people around the world use English as their first or second language, and hundreds of millions more use English as their third or fourth language. For young graduates, scientists and researchers, as well as international tourists, a good command of English can broaden their horizons, reduce barriers, and speed up information exchange. The EF English Proficiency Index analyzes the results of 2.2 million adults taking the English test in 2019.

Survey findings

English is improving

In the world, 26 countries scored significantly higher, while only 7 countries scored lower.

English and innovation go hand in hand

English is the main language of international cooperation. English speaking teams can attract more different talents and get ideas from all over the world. They are also more likely to cooperate internationally within their own organizations.

Countries with higher English proficiency are more fair and open

As a medium of international contact, English has a good relationship with equality and the degree of contact with the outside world.

English for science and technology communication

There is a consistent correlation between English proficiency and technical adoption. Using English can also speed up the learning process of many people.

Adults in their twenties speak the best English

Adults aged 26 to 30 have the strongest English ability. This reflects the increasingly important position of English Teaching in university education all over the world. However, the average score of adults aged 21 to 25 is the second lowest.

Manager’s English is the best

Globally, there is a gap between managers’ English scores and those of supervisors and employees. Compared with junior employees, managers interact more frequently with overseas colleagues and customers, so they practice English more.

Non English users focus on specific job functions

Of course, not every job needs English. But most people don’t stay in a job for 40 or 50 years. English level is very important for adaptability. As a result, the gap between individuals and companies will become wider and wider.

Narrowing the gender gap

Two years ago, the average English level of women was higher than that of men. At present, the gap has been greatly narrowed. For the first time in Asia, as well as in Latin America and Europe, men are tied with women.

The polarization of European English ability

France’s scores have improved over the past three years, but Spain and Italy still lag behind the rest of the EU.

The decline of English level in Asia

Compared with last year, the level of English in Asia has declined slightly. In the past ten years, China’s English level has been improving.

Latin America is turning around

This year, 12 of the 19 countries surveyed in Latin America have improved their English level, mainly due to the large investment in teacher training in Latin American countries.

Big gap in African countries

As in previous years, a small number of African countries have performed well, while other African countries have not performed well in English. There is a big gap between high and low level countries.

The Middle East is improving

The Middle East’s English level is still the lowest in the world, but the average level in the region has improved significantly compared with last year.

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