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The concept of popular marketing and integrated marketing is no longer new, but replaced by refined operation and management of the whole consumption life cycle. The development of computer technology makes the boundary of personalized marketing more explored.

Short video and live e-commerce have become new festival marketing tools. The evolution of creative tools makes it possible for advertisers to have a thousand people and a thousand faces. The emergence of a large number of KOLs makes the carrier of content no longer monotonous. The new interactive experience brought by high technology is helping more brands to maintain in-depth contact with consumers.

All these changes need to start with the changes in the relationship between festivals and consumption in the Chinese market

From traditional festival to consumption Carnival

Under the increasing pressure of life, festivals have become the export of many Chinese consumers’ emotions, and the change of consumption attitude has brought about the growth of consumption. According to the survey data, nearly 60% of Chinese consumers have increased their consumption during festivals in 2020, and the market potential of festival marketing still has sufficient room to rise.

Important sense of ceremony

Ritual sense is very important for female consumers, and gift is one of the most direct ways to realize ritual sense, and it is also an indispensable part of festival consumption. The sense of ceremony and the pursuit of gifts are leading the behavior of female consumers to a great extent during the festival, and consumers’ expectations for self realization, the impact of social environment, including the promotional activities provided by businesses, push the consumption trend again, so that the consumption during the festival, whether for brands or businesses, has become a topic worthy of study.

Who is paying the bill

Male consumers’ awareness of the sense and significance of Festival ceremony is relatively not prominent, but they play an equally important role in the decision-making chain of festival marketing. More than 40% of the male respondents spent more than 1000 yuan last Christmas, and the proportion of men who spent more than 1000 yuan was significantly more than that of women. Coincidentally, according to NRF data, the average spending of American men on Valentine’s day in 2020 is 291.15 US dollars, nearly three times that of women (106.22 US dollars). In most parts of the world, men are more used to expressing their feelings for their partners through gifts on love related festivals.

Therefore, we can judge that although the previous festival marketing is more oriented to the expectations of female consumers for festivals, men also play a very important role in the decision-making and implementation of actual consumption behavior. In the process of festival marketing, brands need to overcome the ideological differences between buyers and users to achieve the unity of sales and word-of-mouth. How to help every male consumer to buy the right holiday gift, perhaps is also worth deep cultivation of holiday marketing practitioners need to think carefully.

Everyone loves CNY

Chinese people’s feelings for traditional festivals still exist. The Spring Festival is still the most expensive festival for most Chinese consumers in the past year, and 80% of Chinese consumers will spend the most in the Spring Festival. Therefore, for brands, it is very important to do a good job in spring festival marketing for the whole year.

The front of spring festival marketing is constantly being extended. From the beginning of the Spring Festival to the 15th day of the first month, this period of more than a month has become the battlefield for major brands to carry out spring festival marketing. In addition to the expansion on the time axis, more and more brands begin to use the platform combination for spring festival marketing planning. So in this process, it is very important to arrange marketing strategy systematically and allocate resources reasonably.

New tuyere

Today’s Chinese consumers are more used to expressing their emotions through consumption in festivals with specific celebration objects. If they can understand the emotional demands of users during festivals, even foreign festivals will not affect the consumption enthusiasm of Chinese consumers. In these festivals, it is easier for brands to find emotional points that can resonate with the audience, and then have deep contact with the audience. Father’s day and mother’s day are also becoming a very important part of festival consumption in the Chinese market.

The emotional expression of parents and lovers is the main demand of Chinese consumers in festival consumption. In the case of relatively full development of festival market related to love, festivals targeting parents and the elderly are important occasions for many children to express their emotions. Father’s day and mother’s day may also become the next outlet of Festival marketing in China.

Different festivals, the same emotional needs

The reason why e-commerce Festival is so successful is that, like traditional festivals, it fully meets the emotional needs of consumers. The e-commerce Festival helps consumers fulfill their desire to consume ahead of time. By providing short-term and centralized preferential sales plans, the platform creates more possibilities for consumption upgrading, followed by a great sense of spiritual satisfaction of consumers. On the other hand, nearly half of consumers will study the preferential policies provided by the platform during e-commerce festivals, and strive to find a more affordable way to buy. In the e-commerce Festival, in addition to the economic impact of the discount itself, the feeling of saving money and benefits brought by the discount to consumers is also very precious. In the context of fully meeting the emotional needs of consumers, the sustainable development of e-commerce Festival is also reasonable.

The rise of e-commerce festivals has affected the consumption structure of the Chinese market to a great extent: nearly 40% of Chinese consumers will allocate extra shopping budget for e-commerce festivals, and at the same time, 13% of them will spend more money on shopping

90% of consumers said that they would allocate most of the annual consumption budget to consumption nodes such as double 11. Under the promise of many businesses to protect the price after the festival, the culture of festival hoarding has quietly formed, and e-commerce festivals are also occupying an increasingly important position in the overall planning of brand festival marketing.

“Extra” consumption scenarios

Along with the mushrooming e-commerce festivals, the era of all people making festivals is coming. More and more theme consumption nodes are being developed and implemented by brands and platforms. With the help of the emotional needs of consumers brought by festivals, the market potential is being developed. With the continuous rendering of these event nodes by many businesses and brands, consumers have gradually accepted such festival settings, and began to integrate into the marketing activities built by businesses around these nodes. The marketing Festival gets good feedback from consumers. Because the time node of artificial festival usually avoids traditional festivals, it provides consumers with additional festivals and consumption scenes, and it is easier to stimulate consumers’ consumption enthusiasm.

According to the survey data, Chinese consumers show strong consumption desire in spring outing, autumn outing and school opening season. The overall consumption distribution is similar to that of traditional festivals. With the further deepening of marketing for these event nodes, they are likely to bring more large-scale benefits for the brand.

The entrance of consumption

In the new era of consumption link, information acquisition plays the role of consumption entrance. The content obtained through the information acquisition link is also the basis of information confirmation through interaction with others before consumers purchase behavior, and is an important part of the media in the consumption link.

Short video has become the most commonly used tool for Chinese consumers to understand commodity information during festivals. The visual impact and high information carrying capacity of short video, including the personalized push capability of short video platform, make the value of short video media more prominent during festivals.

Change after change

The changes of festival marketing have been continuing, and festival marketing will eventually move towards the future.

Festival marketing needs the restriction of order, which means the rules in the two dimensions of communication significance and communication carrier. The significance of festival, consumers’ values, media environment and sensory experience under the progress of communication technology are all influencing the communication efficiency between brands and consumers. A deeper understanding of festival culture, a more accurate control of channels and a more intelligent use of integrated marketing methods will make the brand’s festival marketing work more refined. Under the chaos, we also see the positive and effective response of the Chinese market. Whether it is the guidance and regulation of policies, or the upgrading and purification of the industry itself, it will help the festival marketing return to order in the fog, continue to play an important role in promoting consumption and boosting economic vitality.

One session, one session

Festival marketing can play a very important role in brand marketing, the core is to respect and realize the emotional needs of consumers during the festival. But in fact, the emotional needs of consumers will exist all the time, so if we can extend the thinking and methodology of festival marketing to daily marketing, it will be possible to create new development space for the brand.

Consumers’ emotional needs come from every emotion in their daily life. Therefore, for brands, they need to bring more advanced consumption feelings to consumers as the goal, and turn understanding the changes of consumers’ emotions into a daily life. Then the product language is used to quickly realize the interaction with consumers’ emotional needs, so as to highlight the differentiation of festival marketing activities. Make every festival marketing really become a meeting of brand and consumers, and extend this thinking to the brand’s annual marketing plan.

Maybe this is the core of festival marketing.

For every brand, festival marketing is really worth the future.

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