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2020 game creator ecology Report From Crowley

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Kwai: the development status of game vertical class — the fast growing traffic gathering place

Game creators are humorous and funny, and the fastest track in the Kwai ecology is KOL. Kwai Kwai as a fast hand in 2019, the key force of the category, the impact of game content can not be underestimated. Game is the 1-10 month 2020 Kwai Chui popular category of the highest average powder level, game KOL rapid growth in the fast.

Kwai Fu: the status quo of game creators – the emergence of IP and strong atmosphere of creation.

11, Kwai game creators are strong in waist strength, 18 fans in KOL, IP in the head and strong in powder absorption.

2, 1-10 months in 2020, Kwai game TOP-1000 creators released 2-4 million short videos a month, creating a lively atmosphere.

Jitter: the development of TikTok Games — the new content of the game is the harvester.

1, tiktok is also popular among users of game like creators. Video games have become an important part of tiktok content ecology.

Tiktok, 2, the game creators ranked first in the 1-10 average of KOL in 2020, and fully deserve the volume harvester.

Tiktok: the basic portrait of a game creator — “young creator”

1, the game users are mostly young male users, and the players who shake their voice are tiktok with this group. Young creators are more likely to create mainstream game content.

Tiktok, 2, Guangdong, Sichuan and Shanghai are the source of the game of the game. Sichuan and Shanghai have been playing a lot of game talents tiktok in recent years.

Tiktok: the current situation of game creators — the head of the master in 2020.

In 1 and tiktok, KOL was less than 10 in the game of tens of millions of fans. By the end of October, the number had changed to 26, with the number of head master growing up rapidly. The number of users in January 2020 is 26.

2, the vibrant game creator attracted many users with strong productivity. In 2020, 1-10 of the total tiktok was 1 billion 560 million.

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