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2020 global banking Annual Report From Mckinsey

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This is the 10th consecutive year that McKinsey has released the annual report on global banking industry. The report analyzes the current situation of global banking industry under the impact of the epidemic, and gives practical suggestions on how to effectively get out of the crisis in the long and short term.

The spring breeze warms the ice and snow. In 2021, with the advent of the vaccine, the global epidemic is expected to gradually subside. However, the world economic situation is still grim, and the recovery process in various regions is not balanced. In China, the epidemic prevention and control has been normalized, and economic growth is restarting in an orderly way.

In the past year, China’s banking industry has completed a total of more than 60000 billion yuan of deferred repayment of principal and interest, issued more than 30000 billion yuan of inclusive small and micro credit loans, and supported more than 30 million small and micro business entities. Through three main forms of interest rate reduction, deferred repayment, fee reduction and interest free, China’s banking industry has achieved the goal of making 15000 reasonable profits to all kinds of enterprises proposed by the executive meeting of the State Council in 2020 The target is 100 million yuan. While undertaking social responsibility, the industry still created a net profit of 1.94 trillion in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of only 2.71%; especially in the fourth quarter, it showed a strong recovery momentum, a year-on-year increase of 24.1%, which is not easy.

Although the industry as a whole has withstood the big test, it is worth noting that the differentiation among banks has intensified significantly in this year. In 2020, the net profit of large state-owned banks increased by 3.00% and private banks by 12.20%, while that of joint-stock banks decreased by 2.98%, urban commercial banks decreased by 14.47%, rural commercial banks decreased by 14.61% and foreign banks decreased by 21.30%.

In addition to the different performance of different types of banks, the individual differentiation among different banks is more obvious, which reflects the differences in flexibility and resilience of different institutions in the face of crisis. According to McKinsey’s benchmark scenario forecast, most banks in the world will survive the epidemic, but survival does not mean success. It’s not easy to restart the boom of the past, but the banking industry can still make a difference. This report will provide a series of reference solutions for the global banking industry, some of which may be surprisingly optimistic.

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