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In 2020, trust will be even more valuable.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the uncertainty of the global environment has increased, the original social order has been disturbed, the international political and economic situation has also undergone major changes, the anti globalization thinking has further spread, and the distrust of other countries and the vulnerability caused by the over concentration of supply chain have become more and more severe. At a time of great changes, the value of blockchain, as a machine for transferring trust, has become more apparent. As a result, with the advantages of distributed, peer-to-peer, tamper resistant, and transparent mechanism, blockchain technology has played a natural role in transferring trust, helping industries realize digital transformation, building digital economy infrastructure, and liberating data productivity. It has gradually been used in some distributed business application scenarios that need cross-border, cross industry, and cross industry cooperation At the same time, the market scale is also growing rapidly.

Accordingly, the importance of blockchain has been further enhanced. After blockchain technology was upgraded to the height of China’s national strategy last year and became an important breakthrough for independent innovation of China’s core technology, the White House of the United States also included distributed ledger technology in the list of national strategic key and emerging technologies in October 2020. It can be seen that the development of global blockchain industry has entered the fast lane, and the independent and controllable blockchain technology has become the core proposition, and the future competition will become more and more fierce.

Based on the turn of 2020 and 2021, what is the development status and pattern of global and Chinese blockchain related industries? What are the differences between China and foreign countries? What segments have we led in and where are we still short board? What are the clear development trends in 2021 for us to foresee? Therefore, through this report, we hope to review the changes in the industrial structure, policy changes, technological breakthroughs and application innovation in the past year, so as to provide reference for blockchain practitioners to judge the future trend.

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