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2020 knowledge map manufacturer panoramic Report From Love analysis

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In the process of digital transformation, enterprises are facing the pressure of rapid growth of data. How to mine valuable information from massive data has become a key problem to be solved. Knowledge mapping provides an important technical means to extract structured knowledge from massive unstructured data and use graph analysis to mine association relationship.

Based on the investigation of Party A enterprises in various industries in China, AI analysis thinks that there are four trends in the application scenarios of knowledge mapping

·Considering the overall situation, enterprise level knowledge mapping platform will be the focus of future construction;

·The penetration of knowledge mapping in various industries will continue to improve, especially in the knowledge intensive industries such as medical and pharmaceutical, energy and so on;

·The financial industry will continue to be the industry with rapid penetration of knowledge map, and the application scenarios and application subjects will continue to expand;

·In the construction of smart city, knowledge mapping will play an important supporting role.

In the process of building knowledge map, love analysis puts forward the following suggestions:

·Business scenarios involving a lot of knowledge and mining relationships can use knowledge mapping technology;

·The knowledge map should be built based on business needs to avoid the disconnection between knowledge map platform and business links;

·When building a company wide knowledge mapping platform, special attention should be paid to project cycle planning, knowledge mapping vendor selection, platform flexibility, etc;

·Knowledge mapping technology has certain generality in the application scenarios of different industries, and can learn from the best practice cases in other industries.

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