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Since the beginning of the year, affected by the epidemic, entertainment programs have been reduced correspondingly, epidemic prevention and control reports have been strengthened correspondingly, and variety shows have actively focused on the psychological counseling of the public to help the whole people fight the epidemic. In the post epidemic era, new elements such as variety shows and live broadcasting and delivery are combined to help the recovery of consumption and poverty alleviation. Although the total number of variety shows will decrease in 2020, it will bring more positive energy to the society and gain excellent ratings. More than 10 variety shows of head satellite TV have received an average of 2, and more than 20 shows have received more than 1, which greatly improves the viewing level compared with that in 2019.

At the same time, in 2020, the innovation of variety shows will be strengthened, and the new season variety shows will become the main force of “waist” variety shows. Compared with the four new variety shows with an average audience rating of more than 1 in 2019, there will be 12 new variety shows with an average audience rating of more than 1 in 2020.

In addition, compared with previous years, the audience’s preference for watching variety shows, the Internet’s implantation and linkage of TV variety shows, and the deep binding of party content and e-commerce live broadcast play methods have increased to varying degrees.

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