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2020 list of global authorized brands From Brain

The following is the 2020 list of global authorized brands From Brain recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

Whether it’s Mickey Mouse T-shirt, Star Wars Lego or Pixar’s latest popular plush doll, licensed goods are a multi billion dollar business, and Disney is the undisputed leader in this field. The Burbank based media and entertainment giant owns the rights to many of the world’s most popular fictional characters, with vast intellectual property rights ranging from duckburg to distant galaxies.

According to the latest annual report, Disney received $4.2 billion in revenue from its merchandise licensing and retail business last year, that is, royalties from branded products sold by other manufacturers and its own retail business. But that’s only half the story, because it doesn’t cover the full scale of Disney’s licensing business.

According to the statistics of license global, the global retail sales of Disney’s licensed products in 2019 will reach US $55 billion, more than twice that of Meredith Corporation, which ranks second.

Although franchised goods are more popular for companies such as Disney and Meredith Corporation, some companies specialize in acquiring well-known consumer brands in order to make money through franchised transactions. The third ranked authentic brands group (ABG) is a typical example. ABG’s brands have many clothing brands, well-known sports illustrated magazine and portrait rights / marketing rights of celebrities such as Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley. In 2019, ABG’s brand’s sales of licensed goods reached US $12.3 billion.

Top 10 authorized brands in 2020

1. Disney Company – $54.7 billion

2. Meredith Corporation – $26.5 billion

3. Authentic brands group – $12.3 billion

4. Warner media – $11 billion

5. PVH company – $10.6 billion (E)

6. Universal brand development – $7.1 billion

7. Hasbro – $6.9 billion

8. Viacom CBS – $5.8 billion

9, General Motors – $4.62 billion

10, Sanrio – $4.4 billion

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