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Development background: potential energy of growth in the new economic era

Internet is an important development potential energy in the new economic era

In 2016, “new economy” was written into the government work report for the first time. Facing the painful period of China’s economic transformation, the new economy has become an important force for China’s future economic sustainable development. According to the China new economy index of new BBD of MasterCard, after the outbreak of the epidemic in January 2020, the Nei index has increased continuously, in which the Internet related industries are the main growth force, which is directly related to the background of the epidemic promoting the online life and work of the whole people. From the longer development process, in recent years, the growth rate of China’s network economy revenue scale is significantly higher than that of China’s GDP, which has become an important potential energy to promote China’s economic development.

Development background: live broadcasting is full of vitality, driving the improvement of consumption power

Live broadcast of the whole people, live broadcast with goods to ignite consumption

During the epidemic period, living at home has become one of the daily scenes. Live broadcasting has fully entered the public life, and has become an important content form across the private and public channels, forming an emerging market driving the explosive growth of consumption. In the first half of 2020, the emergence of the epidemic continues to promote the penetration of live broadcasting into e-commerce transactions. At the same time, the people, goods, markets and channels of live broadcasting e-commerce are becoming increasingly diversified. Among them, the most obvious performance is that the anchor role in the live broadcast scene is more abundant, from KOL and Internet celebrities to stars, entrepreneurs, shop owners and shop assistants, setting off a wave of nationwide live broadcast.

Driving factors for the development of live broadcast e-commerce – brands / merchants

The growth of advertising investment slows down, and brand owners pursue the cost performance of investment and effect

Affected by the slowdown in economic growth, the main business performance of brands is under pressure. In 2019, the growth of advertising and promotion expenses of Chinese consumer brands will obviously slow down, with a year-on-year growth of only 7.2%. In the case that the main brand advertising investment has weakened, the main brand attaches more importance to the marketing effect of the integration of product and effect, and the budget structure of advertising has also changed accordingly. As a whole, the investment in traditional media advertising has shifted to the resources of new marketing forms such as live / short video.

The development of short video platform live e-commerce business

Driving factors of live e-commerce development – e-commerce platform

The traditional e-commerce traffic dividend is approaching, and the new media form has become the channel of traffic increment

Due to the demographic dividend peaking and the deterioration of the competitive environment and other factors, the e-commerce platform is under pressure to obtain customers, and the cost of obtaining customers is increasing year by year. The industry is in a period of competing for stock and manufacturing increment to seek growth, including improving the purchase conversion rate and sinking the market.

At first, live broadcast was one of the means of Taoxi to improve the platform conversion rate of brands, similar to group buying and short video. Since then, with the good conversion effect brought by live broadcast, the priority of its entrance has gradually increased. In addition, Kwai’s new content platform brings new traffic to the live broadcast business. The user portrait of the tiktok is highly consistent with the main consumer of the e-commerce platform. The electronic business platform can also compensate for the lack of resources in the supply chain when the content platform is liquidate, and the cooperation between them is more in-depth, which brings an opportunity for the vigorous development of the live broadcast business.

Driving factors of live e-commerce development – C-end users

Nearly 30% of netizens are e-commerce live audience, and users have high acceptance of live e-commerce

According to the 45th China Internet development statistics of CNNIC, as of March 2020, the number of live e-commerce users was 265 million, accounting for 29.3% of the total Internet users. The reason why e-commerce live broadcasting can have such a wide audience is that, on the one hand, it is guided by the platform to increase the conversion of users’ passive consumption to active consumption; on the other hand, it tends to make fast and stable consumption decisions due to information explosion, users’ time fragmentation, fan effect and herd mentality.

For users of short video platform, the pursuit of content interest is higher and higher. The entertainment live broadcasting industry, which takes singing, dancing, chatting + reward as the main mode, has entered a weak period from the eyeball economy. Shopping has become the main consumption mode of live broadcasting users. 51.6% of users click on the third-party e-commerce platform to shop, and 48.0% of users buy goods in the built-in e-commerce platform The embedded live broadcast function of the product makes the consumption habit of “reward anchor” shift.

Exploration and evolution of live e-commerce model

From advertising, short video to live broadcast, mode upgrading helps e-commerce reach users in a deeper level

2016 is recognized as the first year of live broadcasting in China. Mushroom street first introduced live broadcasting to e-commerce. In the same year, the live broadcasting functions of Taobao and Jingdong went online one after another. 2016-2017 is the period of rapid development of e-commerce live broadcasting. In 2018, the head short video platform entered the market. With the help of its considerable traffic and many existing anchors, it has achieved good live broadcasting effect in the short term . With the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, live e-commerce has become one of the life-saving channels for various industries, and its development speed is beyond imagination. Various live and video platforms are also competing to launch technology upgrading achievements and new operation plans, and live e-commerce has entered the full bloom stage.

Development status: China’s live e-commerce transaction scale

China’s live e-commerce transaction scale has reached 416.8 billion in 2019

In 2018, the head short video platform began to try to layout the e-commerce with goods business. Driven by the common needs of user habits and the integration of quality and efficiency of businesses, the scale of live e-commerce with goods business will grow rapidly in 2019 and break out in early 2020. In 2019, the total volume of live e-commerce transactions in China will reach 416.8 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 6417.2 billion yuan by 2025. The live e-commerce shopping mode is quite different from the traditional e-commerce shopping mode. It is recognized by more and more users because of its rich content and meeting the needs of users’ social interaction. IResearch predicts that by 2025, the scale of live e-commerce transactions will account for about 23.9% of the total transactions in China’s online retail e-commerce market.

Development status: the map of live e-commerce industry ecological chain is gradually enriched

Basic operation mode of live E-commerce

Characteristics and advantages of live broadcast E-commerce

Optimize the three elements of “people and goods yard” to improve the efficiency of docking and transformation between supply and demand

Live E-commerce creates a “shopping environment” of KOL with goods and diversified scenes, brings online immersive shopping experience to consumers and completes consumption guidance.

Live e-commerce platform continues to improve the efficiency of supply chain conversion. On the one hand, by speeding up the c2m flexible production process, the enterprise has achieved the close combination of flow and supply chain, reducing the circulation cost and information cost; on the other hand, the content platform is based on user big data, and strengthens the product selection ability through user portraits and other dimensions, so as to realize the efficient and accurate matching of people, goods and objects

Analysis on the role of industrial chain: the diversification of “people”

The development of live broadcast structure follows the “forest rule”, and the identity and level of anchor are diversified

“Forest law” refers to the platform to establish a healthy ecosystem in which super anchor, shoulder anchor and medium and small anchor coexist, rather than a sub-health ecosystem in which a few top stream anchor are regarded as “towering trees” and other medium and small anchor are regarded as “small flowers and grass” with weak anti risk ability. Ai Rui believes that this Law of development is universal, definite and obvious, especially in the trading platform. There are three reasons: 1. Longitudinal historical research on the development process of shopping guide platform shows that the cooperative relationship between e-commerce and shopping guide platform has always changed around the principle of “enriching the flow sources of e-commerce”, which has reference for the continuous cooperation between channel platform and head anchor; 2 Third, the development of business self broadcasting is conducive to the e-commerce platform to maximize the use of inherent advantages – supply chain resources.

Anchor identity change: the rapid development of live broadcast e-commerce has attracted more and more people to try live broadcast, including stars, enterprise executives, offline shopping guides, government officials, online shop assistants, etc.; anchor level change: each platform is deeply bound with the head anchor, increasing the support for small and medium-sized anchors, and the proportion of business self broadcast in e-commerce platform is gradually increasing.

Analysis on the role of industry chain: diversification of “goods”

Extending from traditional strong category to new category, promoting branding and operation diversification

In a broad sense, the live broadcast has covered all industries, and the related non-standard products with strong experience, high gross profit rate, low customer unit price, low return rate and high repurchase rate are more beneficial. Therefore, the strong categories of live broadcasting are wear and make-up (the former is better than live broadcasting and coverage traffic, the latter is better than the conversion efficiency of live broadcasting). But in addition, the growth of traditional off-line goods is also very strong, such as household appliances. Airy believes that the advantages of traditional categories will not be equalled in the short term. At the same time, most of the new categories are non essential consumer goods with medium and high prices. Therefore, the form and role of live broadcasting have also been updated and iterated. For example, live broadcasting is taken as an important traffic node and carried on in the form of selling coupons.

Analysis on the role of industry chain: the diversification of “field”

Live scenes are more diversified, expanding to offline and upstream scenes of the industrial chain

Due to the gradual reduction of live broadcasting threshold (such as the regulation of fans), the support of various policies and the remarkable educational achievements of the market, more businesses can show their products in a wider period of time and more scenes through mobile live broadcasting, such as factories, stalls, places of origin, counters, live broadcasting rooms, etc., and can also settle in the live broadcasting base to solve the problem of goods supply. The diversification of scenes, on the one hand, shows the penetration and driving effect of live broadcast to offline retail formats; on the other hand, it shows the penetration to the upstream of the industrial chain, so as to further shorten the circulation channels and improve the efficiency of the industrial chain.

Main live broadcast platforms

Annual inventory of live e-commerce data in 2020

Market data of taokuaidiao platform 3 from April to December

The peak of total sales is in November, which is also the peak of “double 11” for brands to participate in bringing goods

Since the Kwai sac monitoring field has more than 500 thousand sample of the anchor, the total sales, total orders, total number of main sowing and total number of brands of Taobao, jitter and fast three tiktok are increasing in the whole year since April 2020, but there is a difference at peak.

In June 2020, the total sales volume ushered in the first wave of small peak. From May to June, the total sales volume increased by 783.85% on a month on month basis, and then fell back in July, with the total sales volume falling by 37.2% on a month on month basis. It began to rebound in August, and then increased by 50.92%, 45.52%, 67.03% and 38.64% on a month on month basis. The sales volume reached the peak again with the blessing of the double 11 activities of major platforms in November. After the end of the double 11 event, the market began to calm down, and sales fell again in December, down 45.58% on a month on month basis.

From the point of view of the total order volume, the trend is basically the same as that of the total sales. The order volume in May and June surged 225% and 626.92% month on month. After the introduction of market regulatory policies in July, it began to decline, with a month on month decrease of 4.23%. September’s sales again ushered in a wave of small peaks, all the way up 222.97%. During the double 11 period, the total order volume also increased by 40.61% month on month.

The number of anchors and total brands with goods grew fastest in June, reaching 261.95% and 184.69% respectively. In October, the month on month growth rate reached a small climax, 36.27% and 41.96% respectively. The number of anchors with more than 500000 goods per field increased by about 400% from April to November, and the number of total brands participating in the delivery increased by 1300% in the past seven months.

Sales of goods carried by taokuaidiao 3 platform from June to December

Taobao live half of the country Kwai, tiktok and half a cup of soup.

From the perspective of sales in the second half of 2020, Taobao live broadcasting has an absolute advantage in the three live broadcasting platforms with goods because of its early start, large volume, top stream with goods anchor and vertical audience.

-12 Kwai June, Taobao live goods in the three platform accounted for roughly 44%-55% interval, the average price of the field is about 120 yuan; fast hand live goods sales accounted for about 27%-36%, the tiktok price is about 70 yuan; the sales of live broadcast and live goods are in the 16%-24% interval, the average price of the field is about 100 yuan.

Taokuaidiao platform 3: anchor with goods from June to December t0p100

Tiktok Kwai leader is the least concentrated, and the head anchor is the most concentrated.

Tiktok Kwai and Taobao are overwhelmingly dominant from the number of head hosts in the three platform. The head anchors of the Kwai are still not many, and the number of the head hosts is even slightly higher than that of Taobao. Kwai Kwai, master tiktok and three tiktok, the top 100 of the 4-12 sales anchor in the month of, 45 of the anchor hosts, 40 of Taobao’s hosts, and 15 of the main speakers.

Tiktok is the main anchor of the Kwai. The head anchors are more affected by the head guild, and the head anchors of Taobao and jitter are relatively scattered. Tiktok, the top 10 sales anchor, was 5 anchor Taobao, 4 master Kwai, and Luo Yonghao only one. Kwai Kwai, the 5 Taobao anchor, belonged to 5 MCN. The top 4 anchor players, except for brother Sanda, Xin Yi Zhi, eggs and big beautiful were Xin Yi Zhi Yan, and Xin Youzhi and he were very beautiful just because of the “bird’s nest syrup”. In addition to the above, Kwai, Zhao Mengche, Ann rose, Chen Xiaoshuo, Xu Jie and other top players were also signed in Xin Yi Zhi’s company.

Top 100 brand live broadcast from June to December

Taobao shop live into the standard configuration, high customer unit price commodity categories present advantages

From the self seeding effect of Taobao, the company has an overwhelming advantage, and there are hardly any live shops in the Kwai shop. Tiktok, the top 100 of total sales in the second half of 2020, has 98 live rooms from Taobao, two live rooms from the jitter, and no live room from Kwai Chung.

Although many large brands are shipped by Kwai Kwai live, few brands are self seeding in the fast track shop. In contrast, is the shop broadcast is becoming Taobao shop standard. Only 22 of the tiktok live broadcast rooms are suning.com super buyers and millet live rooms. The tiktok super tiktok bought Jia Nailiang, Zhang Meng and other stars in the second half of 2020. The millet sway live room was the two time that he brought the live broadcast of Lei Jun, and it was obvious that the IP was still needed to bring the flow of personalized phone to the store. “The” voice of the suning.com is the best way to bring the company to the market.

From the category of shops on the list, household daily use is the largest category, followed by beauty care, shoes, clothing, bags and 3C digital. Limited by the low unit price of customers, only five food and beverage stores are on the list. The commodity category with high customer price shows great advantages in store self broadcast. Zlca, huaxizi, perfect diary and other domestic beauty and skin care brands are among the best in the store self broadcast.

Top 10 e-commerce brands of taokuaidiao three platforms

Xiaomi is recommended by 178 anchors in the live broadcast room every day on average, while Huawei is recommended by 203 anchors every day on average

In 2020, the total platform brand sales data of t0p10 in 2020 are Xiaomi, lancou, perfect diary, L’Oreal, huaxizi, Huawei, Midea, Estee Lauder, Haier and xuehuaxiu. Including 6 cosmetics and skin care brands, 2 household appliances brands and 2 mobile phone digital brands.

Among them, the vast majority of brand live broadcasting rooms have started broadcasting more than 200 times, which is close to the daily broadcasting frequency. Xiaomi, with the highest total sales volume, has 65000 times of bringing goods, which means that it is recommended by 178 anchors in the live broadcasting room every day on average; Xuehua show, with the lowest total sales volume, has 25000 times of bringing goods, which means that it is recommended by 68 live broadcasting rooms every day on average; Huawei, with the highest number of bringing goods, has 74000 times of bringing goods, which means that it is recommended by 203 anchors every day on average. General quantity and overseas investment have become the live broadcast strategy of big brands.

Top 10 sales of first class goods category of taokuaizhuan three platforms

Skin care, food and clothing are the first choice for users of the three platforms

Tiktok Kwai, Kwai tiktok, three platform data, for example, February, “epidemic” has become a catalyst for rapid growth of live e-commerce, and entered the second half of the year. The resources of the online shopping are increased by the promotion of the platform and the Internet giant. The consumption of the live online services is further improved. The three categories of skin care, men’s wear, food and beverage become the Taobao, the fast, the shaking platform consumers. “The” Taobao ” Users are preferred, while the categories of household appliances, maternal and child toys, personal care and so on are relatively limited, and the degree of dependence on live e-commerce is low.

The trend of “double 11” in live broadcast of e-commerce on taokuaidiao three platforms

During the double 11, the proportion of store self broadcast increased significantly, which may become the mainstream trend of e-commerce live broadcast in 2021

Kwai tiktok, Taobao master, jitter and three of the 11 major platforms in 2020, entered the top 50 anchor, 60% of which were self service, 40% were master hosts, and the proportion of the two three and 44% in the three quarter of this year is that the recognition of the flagship store is higher than that of the brand.

Among the top 10 anchors in terms of turnover, there are 5 store anchors, which are tmall supermarket, Huawei terminal, Suning Guanqi, official flagship store of Xiaomi, and super buyer of Suning e-buy, ranking the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively, and their unit price far exceeds that of the top 10.

Xin Youzhi and his apprentice Shi Damei, Dan Dan and cat Sister were all on the list. And Shi Damei, who sold Mingzhi bird’s nest in the live broadcast room, ranked 24th with a sales volume of 200-300 million from November 1 to November 11. According to the war report released by Xin Youzhi’s team, the total sales volume of Xin Xuan’s anchor during the double 11 period exceeded 8.8 billion, of which Xin Youzhi’s own sales volume was 3.293 billion.

Introduction of famous MCN organizations

Development trend and future prospect of live broadcast e-commerce industry

Analysis on the existing problems of live broadcast E-commerce

Chaos rectification will help the industry bid farewell to false prosperity and benign development

The return rate of live e-commerce remains high. The return rate of the industry’s head anchor is about 10% – 15%, but the overall return rate of the industry can reach 30% – 40%, far higher than that of traditional online shopping. The main reasons behind this phenomenon are as follows: 1) the restriction between the brand and the anchor is not strong, the anchor’s sub Commission mode is CPS, which only uses the sales incentive and is responsible for the sales, and the other supporting services are all the responsibility of the brand. 2) due to the low cost of bill brushing, and due to the performance pressure, the competition of sales list and traffic, the phenomenon of live bill brushing is very common. At present, in view of the above phenomenon, the industry has been rectified. On the one hand, the head anchor has been more strict in selecting products and establishing after-sales team. On the other hand, the tax policy has become stricter and the cost of violation has increased sharply. I believe that in the future, through the rectification of the above chaos, the illegal arbitrage institutions and individuals will be eliminated, and the industry will bid farewell to the false prosperity, reduce the post purchase cost and develop healthily.

Sorting out relevant policies of live E-commerce

Live broadcasting industry enters the era of standardization under strong supervision

In 2020, driven by public health events, China’s live e-commerce market will grow explosively. Due to factors such as low industry threshold and long-term lack of supervision, there will be a variety of chaos in the market. As the first special specification involving online video marketing activities in China, the code of conduct for live online marketing, which will be implemented on July 1, 2020, plays a leading role in guiding the healthy and positive development of the industry.

Overview of 2020 live e-commerce event

Witness live e-commerce from barbaric growth to gradual standardization

Prospect of future development

Enterprise live broadcasting service: digs gold enterprise e-commerce live broadcasting, becomes the industry development new power

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the number of customers and orders of enterprise live broadcasting increased sharply, which largely benefited from the east wind of e-commerce live broadcasting. On the one hand, for large and medium-sized enterprises, with the development of mobile Internet becoming more and more mature and the cost of traffic increasing, the reusable and non payment private domain traffic precipitated through the process of communication and marketing has become the focus of operation, and the enterprise live broadcast runs through the whole process of Online drainage, user access, transformation and precipitation, which not only provides accurate sales clues for enterprises, but also helps enterprises communicate with customers On the other hand, for small and medium-sized enterprises, a large number of new customers are hindered by offline sales. After in-depth experience of enterprise e-commerce live broadcasting, some online dividends are converted into long-term stable customers of enterprise live broadcasting, which has become a new engine for industry development. Therefore, in the future, more and more enterprise users will try to introduce live broadcasting function, and e-commerce live broadcasting will inject new power into the development of enterprise live broadcasting service industry.

Prospect of future development trend II

Logistics express industry: the rapid rise of live e-commerce, enhance market activity, become a new development point of industry growth and expansion

China’s express industry has been developing at a high speed for many years, and the overall growth is obvious. On the other hand, due to the high dependence of domestic express enterprises on traditional e-commerce parts, with the gradual increase of e-commerce penetration, the growth rate slows down. In 2020, COVID-19 had a significant impact on the logistics and express industry, and the sudden rise of the direct seeding electricity supplier industry increased the market activity of the entire express delivery industry. According to the Ministry of Commerce, affected by the epidemic, more than 20 million live e-commerce shows will be broadcast in November 2020. Tiktok accounted for 40% of Kwai Chung, and 38 million packages / days were estimated in 2021. In 2021, live e-commerce is expected to grow by 90%, and the high growth rate will be maintained for a long time.

In 2020 Kwai Kwai announced tiktok cooperation with Jingdong. Ali shares rhyme, set up four links and one Da to consolidate the direct broadcast of the Amoy department, and focus on the independent layout business and the rapid delivery of the rabbit. In the future, e-commerce live broadcasting will become a new channel to stimulate re purchase in the future.

Prospect of future development trend III

Optimize and upgrade the supply chain, gradually enter the long-term planning center, e-commerce closed-loop irresistible

With the rapid expansion of e-commerce business, some of the head anchors have repeatedly encountered product quality problems. The development of self-supporting e-commerce elements: supply chain, warehousing, logistics, customer service, after-sales capabilities need all. Jingdong, a Jingdong with its strong supply chain and logistics, has become Kwai Fu’s partner. And tiktok also chose to work together with suning.com, a fully supply chain and experienced company, to build a mutually beneficial system. Tiktok, do or think the same without prior consulation2, and the two have begun to take steps to establish a closed loop of self operated electronic business.

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