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The Kwai master marketing center, the magnetic force star, released the “2020 magnetic Star Collection, the first ten ten marketing reports”. According to the report, during the “double 11” period, more than 2000 magnetic star gathering talents participated in the activities, with more than 300 customers of enabling brands. The cumulative number of live viewers of magnetic star gathering talents exceeded 570 million, and the cumulative broadcast volume of magnetic star gathering works exceeded 520 million.

As the main battlefield of e-commerce and brand marketing over the years, double eleven has always been the marketing competition of major e-commerce platforms. Kwai Chung talent shows itself in the battle of double eleven in this year’s campaign, relying on old fellow iron economy and high viscous flow value.

As a fast selling master’s eco marketing platform, after the comprehensive upgrading of magnetic star in September, Kwai Fu has fully covered the public and private domain traffic. With the multi-dimensional marketing capabilities of the ecosystem, it has matched the diversified needs of marketing customers in all directions. In the actual combat, it has confirmed its comprehensive ability of marketing, technology and co-ordination, and opened up a new era of master marketing for short video live broadcasting industry.

Five advantages enable double eleven marketing talent ecosystem to help brand cooperation

As the largest live broadcasting platform in the world, the Kwai has been growing up to the second largest live electronic business platform in the world with total merchandise transactions relying on the national level flow pool. From January 2020 to June, Kwai TSE platform business transactions totaled 109 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 1000 times compared with 2018. The Kwai master relies on the upgrading of the electricity consumption and the overall prosperity, and the old fellow’s unique iron economy and high viscous flow value. It has been able to double the eleven advantages of this year through five advantages, namely, the advantages of people, product capabilities, marketing innovation, policy support and service capabilities.

From the perspective of talent resources, the magnetic star with 30 + vertical labels and 10W + high-quality talent can fully meet customers’ differentiated marketing needs with massive and diversified talent supply. As early as before the double 11, magstar started the talent training program to improve the creative ability of talent and ensure the output quality of works. Master Kwai master, a master of 100+ magnetic poly star, includes 46 tens of millions of fans, including “46 star” IP, to help customers lock in high matching talents and fine marketing.

In addition to the advantages of talent, the brand-new and upgraded products of magstar also help to improve the marketing efficiency in many aspects. Starting from the double 11, the brand owners of cooperative magnetic star live broadcast can directly hang products through the official website of magnetic star, and the e-commerce platform for hanging products is not limited; they can also realize virtual commodity transaction through small bell components, and meet the demand of pull New + sell goods at the same time; in terms of traffic exposure, traffic boosts the 3.0 upgrade, enriches the launch scenarios, and improves the conversion rate and ROI.

In terms of innovative playing methods, the combination of “big event marketing + creative marketing + IP marketing” is created to fully meet the needs of different customers for brand promotion, content precipitation, user harvesting, effect transformation, etc. Big event marketing helps brands quickly master the voice and Kwai quickly; creative marketing takes more interactive content and stronger content expansion to pry the platform users from viewing to interaction to order; IP marketing continuously promotes the link structure from grass to weeding through the self influence of IP in the activity, and achieves online effect transformation.

In terms of policy blessing, during the double 11, the magnetic star gathering talent can not be limited by the live broadcast frequency control of e-commerce, and can receive more commercial orders; the commission rate of most categories is 6.01%, and the commission rate of special categories is as low as 2%. When participating in the official double 11 activities, they can also enjoy the official flow blessing for a limited time, so as to detonate the brand voice.

In addition, magstar actively improves its service ability, provides integrated marketing services of “creativity + talent + content” for key customers with the support of platform big data, and provides exclusive industry strategy output, special docking and operation guidance services.

Jingdong, Kwai Tong, to create new brand marketing gameplay.

It is worth noting that in this double eleven e-commerce campaign, the Kwai Tek and Jingdong’s two big business platform joined forces to cooperate deeply in brand marketing, and demonstrated the comprehensive marketing capability of magnetic star to build brand events and achieve product effect integration in three major projects.

In the Kwai master x Jingdong’s 200 hour uninterrupted live challenge, the magnetic star selects 38 people, and challenges Jingdong together to refresh the world record. Relying on the world’s top live technology, in the 200 hours of uninterrupted live broadcast, magstar has developed a diversified talent combination strategy. Meanwhile, the official professionals provide service guarantee and supervision guidance throughout the whole process, which fully demonstrates magstar’s technology, overall planning ability and big event marketing ability.

As another marketing project, Jingdong electronics home appliances Kwai PK competition is a joint marketing of online and offline businesses, and the owner of the national household store of Jingdong household appliances, invites the daring + the vegetarian team to make a live match with PK master, and in the live broadcast, through the new interactive play such as online wheat and spot bargain, expand brand marketing new channels and create new retail scenes. Deep interactive marketing.

And “I love the recommender” encourages the contestants to open up their brains and create digital products to maximize their original potential. Through the short video topic challenge competition, the creative play of the combination of live prewarming + group live PK has highlighted the ability of quick magnetic Kwai star multi marketing scene linkage, and set off a nationwide upsurge of participation to maximize brand exposure.

In addition to Jingdong, the main brands participating in this year’s magnetic Star Double 11 also include e-commerce giants such as tmall, Gome and vipshop, and top 100 brands such as Procter & Gamble and lexis. The cooperative industries cover FMCG, automobile, cosmetics, operators, games and online services. It can be seen that magnetic star is turning from a transaction matching tool to an integrated marketing platform integrating marketing event planning, talent resource scheduling, on-site technical support, brand customer connection and other capabilities. Jingdong and other brands in the double eleven period of a series of cases, showing the ability of magnetic Kwai stars in many directions, enough to become an example of cooperation between brand customers and fast hands.

Strong marketing IP helps magnetic star gathering, aiming at year-end promotion

With multiple marketing gameplay and strong marketing capabilities, the fast hand Kwai star has shown strong marketing potential to the industry in the unexpected winner of the double eleven. In the future, magnetic star will continue to move forward steadily, and continue to make efforts in key IP Product building, advertising resources tilt, marketing events exposure and other dimensions.

On the one hand, magstar will continue to build an exclusive activity IP “haowuxing promotion officer” to select high matching partners for brands in various industries and maximize IP value to enable customers; on the other hand, important marketing nodes such as “double 12” and “New Year’s Day” will also become the driving force of magstar. By then, the magnetic Kwai star will continue to try to link more electronic business platforms and national brands, give full play to its advantages, help all sectors start marketing new campaigns, and detonate a new round of old fellow iron rave.

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