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2020 meituan merchant brand protection Annual Report

The following is the 2020 meituan merchant brand protection Annual Report recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, Industry information.

As a life service e-commerce platform, meituan connects consumers and merchants through science and technology, strives to provide quality life for consumers, promotes the digital upgrading of demand side and supply side of life service industry, and has developed into a one-stop platform for eating, drinking, traveling, shopping and entertainment, aiming to help people eat better and live better. As an online trading platform operator with more than 500 million annual trading users and 6.8 million active businesses, meituan has been committed to providing a more fair and honest trading scene for brand owners, businesses in the platform and consumers, safeguarding brand rights and interests, combating brand infringement, and striving to create a good business and consumption environment.

Brand is not only the embodiment of business culture and image, but also the symbol for consumers to identify service sources. It plays a very important role in business expansion, customer stickiness and consumer trust accumulation. Meituan fully respects intellectual property rights and all legitimate rights and interests of brand owners. However, based on the complex and diverse trading scenarios and different trade practices, the platform is faced with a variety of brand protection needs. Meituan always adheres to the value of “customer-centered”, listens to the voice of merchants and consumers, and formulates a brand protection plan. Starting from the system and mechanism, meituan hopes to provide all-round and multi-dimensional protection for brand rights holders by building a whole process protection service mechanism of active prevention and control – process monitoring – Complaint handling – co governance of rights holders – co governance of government and enterprises – brand service market. At present, meituan has provided a large number of brand owners with active prevention and control services, stock cleaning services, online rights protection services, government enterprise collaborative anti-counterfeiting services, etc. Of course, meituan knows that it has not done enough. In the future, meituan will continue to iterate the active prevention and control mechanism, and focus on building the co governance Service of obligees, “Online + offline” joint anti-counterfeiting service, and launch the brand service market, so as to create the bilateral supply of brand merchants and small and medium-sized merchants; At the same time, we should explore the flexible Governance Space and give the relevant parties more flexible and fair brand protection measures.

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