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2020 new e-commerce marketing white paper From Quick selection

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The following is the 2020 new e-commerce marketing white paper From Quick selection recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Electronic Commerce, research report, network marketing.

In 2020, the second-class e-commerce industry will be hit hard. The strict control of commodity sources and the entry of businesses by various platforms will make the operation of some small and medium-sized businesses difficult.

But there are also new opportunities in the process. After the platform is open to class II e-commerce live broadcasting, more businesses begin to enter the dual mode of live broadcasting and advertising.

Based on the commodity promotion information tracked by the quick select products and CC data, we have compiled this white paper on new e-commerce marketing in 2020.

To mainstream the direct business channel, the store (summary of jolt shop and headlines Luban), Tencent Maple page, and tiktok’s commodity data are taken as the breakthrough point, and the overall trend of new e-commerce marketing in 2020 is analyzed, the trend of key channels, the analysis of sales products and promotion strategy are also analyzed.

At the end of the report, we also invited Ted, the general director of Miyun products, Shunfeng express · agent service manager, e-niuhui, Aoxing media, etc. to talk about their insights from the perspective of class II e-commerce tool manufacturers, class II e-commerce circle operators and class II e-commerce agent operation, so as to help them see the trend better.

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