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2020 overseas study trend report From Ipsos

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Chinese parents attach importance to children education as a tradition since ancient times, and “knowledge changes destiny” is regarded as the standard by Chinese parents. It is undeniable that Chinese parents’ investment in education is close to “madness”. Behind the emergence of hot events such as Tianxi School District, high frequency supplementary classes and super high schools, it reflects the anxiety that Chinese parents cannot cover up. The competition for college entrance examination is increasingly fierce, the threshold of employment market is increasing, and more and more working class and middle-class parents are looking to overseas universities. According to the official data of the Ministry of education of China, the number of Chinese students studying abroad continues to rise, reaching 662000 in 2018, with a self-expense rate of more than 90%. In the global survey on the value of Education: rising to the high, published in 2017, HSBC noted that, despite the high cost of studying abroad, 41% of parents consider letting their children study abroad, and more than 80% of Chinese parents have expressed their willingness to support their children to study abroad.

Chinese parents are willing to invest heavily in their children’s study abroad, which means they expect to see the high benefits brought by studying abroad. The cost of studying abroad has been increasing year by year, and the satisfaction of returning home employment is not as expected. The policy, safety, economic environment and employment environment of studying abroad destination are complicated and intertwined. In order to choose a school, it is necessary to consider the employment prospect, professional ranking, Faculty allocation, hardware facilities and so on. It has become a long-term investment and a complex decision-making behavior that needs careful consideration.

In this context, Ipsos launched the 2020 overseas study trend report, focusing on the current situation of Chinese students in major English study destinations (the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore), the policy and trend of study abroad, the word-of-mouth analysis of overseas colleges and universities, and market insight after studying abroad. Through online survey of more than 4500 overseas students or respondents with intention to study abroad Research and in-depth interviews with employers, recruitment agencies and people who intend to study abroad, integrate the data of overseas students who are willing to study abroad, those who are studying abroad and have returned to China, employers and headhunting companies to deeply analyze the development trend of studying abroad.

In the analysis of overseas word-of-mouth, Ipsos set the index weight according to the respondents’ different concerns on 13 evaluation indicators, such as public security environment, major, school popularity, employment rate, etc., and comprehensively analyzed the performance of five English speaking countries on different indicators and the word-of-mouth ranking of overseas universities.

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