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2020 quantum secure communication technology development and application frontier Report From China Communication Society

The following is the 2020 quantum secure communication technology development and application frontier Report From China Communication Society recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: telecommunication industry , research report.

The second wave of quantum science and technology revolution is coming. Quantum information science is a new interdisciplinary subject which combines quantum mechanics with information science. Quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum measurement are three important fields of quantum information science development, and will be the focus of technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the future.

Since 2000, the development and application of quantum information technology in the world has been accelerating. Countries in the United States, Europe and Asia attach great importance to quantum information and list it as a key topic of “maintaining national competitiveness”. China’s attention to quantum information technology and industrial development is also gradually increasing. In 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the note on the 13th Five-Year plan proposal that we should deploy major scientific and technological projects that reflect national strategic intentions in the field of quantum communication. More than ten important national policies, such as the strategic outline of innovation driven development, science and technology innovation planning, informatization planning, technology innovation engineering planning, and the special plan for the integration of science and technology, military and civilian development, have been issued. The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the Internet Information Office, and local governments have also issued policies to support them. On October 29, 2020, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee adopted the “proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development and the long-term goal of 2035”, which also clearly pointed out that “we should aim at the frontier fields such as quantum information and implement a number of forward-looking and strategic national major science and technology projects”.

In recent years, China has carried out systematic and in-depth research on quantum secure communication technology based on optical fiber network and satellite ground quantum key distribution technology, achieved fruitful results in the practical application of quantum secure communication technology, and successfully carried out application demonstration in finance, electric power and other related industries, which is generally in the leading position in the world.

According to the work arrangement of leading-edge report organized by various professional committees of China communication society, the special committee of communication construction engineering technology organized experts and scholars in various fields of production, study, research and application in the field of quantum communication, and wrote this report. This report takes a global view and focuses on China, studies and summarizes the global development trend of quantum secure communication and the development status in China, puts forward technical foresight, analyzes the major problems in the construction of quantum secure communication engineering, and puts forward technical and industrial policy suggestions. This report covers a wide range of contents, hoping to provide reference for industry colleagues to grasp the development trend of quantum secure communication field and the development direction of technology industry, and also as a reference for government departments to formulate policies.

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