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2020 red man marketing white paper From WEIQ

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01. The overall environment is “good”, and the investment of celebrities is growing against the trend

At the beginning of 2020, major industries will be impacted by the epidemic, and advertising will also be affected to some extent, but on the whole, it still shows a growth trend.

Users’ viewing habits have changed significantly from text to graphics to video. Short video platforms are rising rapidly, and the advantages of relevant platforms are highlighted. Advertisers are increasing their efforts to launch them.

Based on its own product characteristics, beauty and food FMCG are more convenient for the production of popular content and become the preferred category for home shopping.

Red man marketing will grow against the trend in 2020 with four advantages:

High quality content: the continuous output of celebrities on major platforms is the main means to continuously absorb, retain and precipitate users. High quality content is the link between celebrities, users and brands.

Deep interaction: red man and users are connected through content, and interaction is the bridge to get through the brand and reach the users.

Strong exposure: red man has a strong fan base, top stream, head red man exposure can reach tens of millions.

Marketing transformation: advertisers establish brand awareness, build brand goodwill, promote product sales, pass on the use experience, and then promote a new round of purchase, constantly driving sales transformation.

So what are the delivery characteristics of major graphic and video platforms? Background reply key words: white paper, view the complete report content.

02. Advertising characteristics of advertisers on various platforms


In terms of public domain traffic, the entertainment attribute of microblog is obvious. It takes into account the two forms of graphics and video, and constantly generates new topics. It can cover many young people with multiple interests and hobbies, help the brand continuously obtain new users, help the brand improve the exposure rate and improve the brand voice.

In terms of private domain traffic, Redman has been deeply engaged in vertical domain content for a long time, promoting diversified content, increasing attractions, helping brands precipitate content, forming long-term influence, and “planting grass” for fans through Amway to form transformation.

Microblog platform beauty fashion blogger grass effect is obvious, has a strong exposure, grass, achieve marketing effect ability. Funny bloggers attract more users with easy pan entertainment content, and their products are implanted from many angles. Therefore, fashion beauty and funny bloggers are more popular.


WeChat launched video numbers at the end of 2020, and has not shown obvious marketing value. The official account is still in the form of public figures and pictures. However, the video category has increased compared to last year.


Tiktok as a short video platform for music creativity covers all age users. The combination of brand and video content can touch users of all circles. Plot funny, beauty makeup and color value are the highest proportion of the dropout. Besides, advertisers have the highest proportion of red people in the waist, and show a tendency to tilt to the waist level.

Little red book:

Xiaohongshu is a gathering place for refined celebrities and users, and beauty category leads other categories. In terms of the choice of advertisers, the waist and tail celebrities are more cost-effective, which is suitable for the wide exposure needs of advertisers. Therefore, the proportion of waist and tail celebrities and Koc is higher.

Station B:

B station with its unique “two-dimensional” platform attributes to enhance the marketing power of young groups, two-dimensional, ghost animal, game, film and television young cultural leaders become B station outstanding red category.

03. Brand change under “epidemic situation”: new appeal and new choice

New situation: the epidemic situation limits the offline marketing scene, and advertisers are inclined to content-oriented marketing and take the initiative to seek change. Live broadcast and short video marketing become the main marketing means adopted by advertisers.

Multiple channels: multi channel channels into standard, two micro trembling, quick hand, B station, Kwai hung book platform combination release release their advantages to become a new way of brand breakout.

Multiple choices: head celebrities drive brand voice, mid waist celebrities are more cost-effective and reach more rich circles, and multi-level celebrities give advertisers more choices.

Marketing characteristics of double festival celebrities in 2004 and 2020


It is a new choice for major brands and advertisers to obtain the top flow flow for the platform live broadcast;

Tiktok Kwai seckill entrance video live broadcast carnival, fast anchor anchor star, Xiao Hong book to increase the live entrance to preheating the explosive products, increase support policies, and increase support.

Double Eleven:

The budget of tiktok and red book continues to rise, compared with 618, the short video platform has increased, while advertisers have been pushing the middle to the waist. More enterprises march into the live broadcast on the double 11, and the next stage for the president and senior executives is the brand platform.

Trend forecast of 2005 and 2021

1. The proportion of short videos will still increase

2. All platforms increase support policies to boost e-commerce live broadcasting

3. Celebrity will form a “28” pattern, with a small number of heads, but it will still become the focus of advertisers

4. Star influence + short video grass + live broadcast with goods into a fixed mode, linkage marketing trend is obvious

5. Red man marketing connects brands and users, two-way empowerment, and builds a win-win ecology

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