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The following is the 2020 shooting beautification Industry Research Report From aurora recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data, research report, Mobile applications.

Aurora released the Research Report on photographing and beautifying industry. Taking byte skipping photography products as an example, this paper analyzes the current market situation of photographing and beautifying industry, the operation of photographing app and the characteristics of user groups.

Aurora view:

In the past year, the trend of user scale in the photography and beautification industry has been stable, with a penetration rate of 40.7% in July. Among them, the penetration rate of photography subdivision in July reached 30%, with a year-on-year growth rate of 6.8%. The market in this field is relatively active

The permeability of faceu Jimeng reached 9.6% at the end of July, and Mau exceeded 90 million in July, ranking first in the field of photography and photography

In July, the average dau growth rate of Qingyan camera was 961.7%, which became the black horse of growth in this field in recent one year; at the end of July, the penetration rate was the fifth, dau was the third, and the overall user activity was high

The user stickiness of faceu Gemeng and Qingyan cameras are high, and the daily use time and number of times are in the forefront of the industry

More than 80% of Facebook’s 18-35 year-old users account for more than 80%, and Beijing and Shanghai account for the highest proportion. More than 40% of users use high-end mobile phones with a price of more than 3000 yuan

The light face camera is favored by female users, with female users accounting for 91.6%; over 70% of users aged 18-25 years old use iPhone

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