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2020 small red book mask Market Insight From Wen Dao network

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Some views

With the rapid growth of content traffic and the decline of interactive notes, the demand for refined brand operation is increasingly urgent

The main pain points and efficacy of brand notes are different from users’ needs, so brand owners may need to make more targeted marketing strategy adjustments

Users have a high desire for the quality of life, such as clothing, life records, food and so on. Note related scenes can make efforts here to do well in diversified scenes and plant grass

The overall interactive performance of KOL’s release notes is the best, but the proportion of business cooperation is weak

The top 5 of mask brand exposure rate is mainly imported brands, and the top 5 of the growth rate is brand of domestic products.

Imported brands pay more attention to brand exposure, and domestic products hope to bring effect transformation

How to choose the right KOL?

Which kind of KOL is more cost-effective?

KOL definition criteria (fans): head KOL ≥ 50W, 30W ≤ shoulder KOL < 50W, 10W ≤ waist KOL < 30W, 1W ≤ tail KOL < 10W, 5K ≤ plain person < 1W.

Performance 1: KOL growth is obvious, the competition is fierce, the viscosity of fans is reduced, and it is increasingly difficult to select high-quality KOL

Throughout the year, mask KOL showed a relatively fast growth trend. The growth rate of KOL in different stalls was quite different, and the market structure of KOL changed dramatically. The KOL of the vegetarian and the tail KOL had occupied more than 95%, and the growth rate of the head KOL was higher than that of the waist and tail.

Performance 2: the head KOL release notes more emphasize the brand, and the shoulder and waist KOL will incline to the user, scene, price and other dimensions thinks that comment behavior is the highest level of interactive behavior. 42.8% of the comments on the head KOL come from its fans, and 35.4% and 29.6% of the comments on the shoulder and waist respectively. From the distribution of comment traffic sources, it can be seen that fans will have more trust in the notes released by big v. In addition, the proportion of mentioning brand effect in the notes released by head KOL is higher than that of shoulder and waist KOL, and the notes released by head KOL pay more attention to product brand effect than that of shoulder and waist KOL.

Performance 3: the overall interactive performance of KOL’s release notes is the best, but the proportion of business cooperation is weak

More than 70% of KOLs in head, shoulder and waist have conducted business cooperation at least once, and only 23.5% of KOLs in tail have conducted business cooperation, but the notes released by KOL in tail have contributed more than 50% of the interactive activities.

Performance 4: attaching topic is the gain behavior of note flow; for better cost performance, KOL can choose from the perspective of relevance

Select some other industries and mask users to meet the higher degree of KOL, or get a more cost-effective transmission effect, such as cat’s head and shoulder KOL performance is better than mask type (compared with the type of TOP from the KOL released by the mask note in this report), in order to pursue more cost-effective, you can choose to publish two kinds of notes KOL for the new marketing scenario grass planting. To achieve the goal of promoting mask products efficiently.

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