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2020 smart Retail Industry Research Report From Micro League & love analysis

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“In 2020, more than 80% of physical retail enterprises will open online channels. The construction of private domain traffic will become the focus of smart retail operation. Wechat will become a key part of digital operation. Small programs will become the most widely used commercial tools in addition to wechat payment.” According to the 2020 smart retail industry research report recently released by smart business service provider Weimeng United Love analysis, under the background of digital rush promoted by the epidemic in 2020, the epidemic promotes businesses to accelerate digital transformation, and small programs, communities, enterprise wechat and other tools play a positive role in enabling enterprises to sell all the time and improve sales power.

The report points out that at present, the biggest problem faced by retail businesses is that it is difficult to obtain customers and easy to lose customers. Smart retail can help businesses to realize private domain traffic operation through enabling stores, membership system, shopping guide and other aspects. However, nearly half of the businesses will encounter problems such as technology and talents in the process of smart retail practice, and the addition of third-party SaaS service providers will help enterprises upgrade to smart retail It has provided powerful assistance and accelerated the large-scale implementation of smart retail. In the future, the combination of public and private sectors will become the general trend for retail enterprises to upgrade their wisdom. Live e-commerce, short video new business and marketing mode will become the “standard configuration” of more and more smart retailers.

More than 80% of businesses open online channels and small programs become digital tools for smart retail

In recent years, the growth rate of the retail industry has shown an obvious downward trend year after year. From 2011 to 2019, the growth rate of the total retail sales of goods in China has dropped from the highest point of 17% to 8%. The retail industry needs to carry out digital transformation to break through the bottleneck of development. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has accelerated this process. Embracing online channels and realizing digital transformation have become the necessary options for retail enterprises to survive in the cold winter of the epidemic. According to the survey data reported by Weimeng, 84% of the enterprises have opened online channels in physical retail, and only 16% of the enterprises have not opened any form of online channels.

In fact, since the concept of “new retail” and “unbounded retail” was put forward a few years ago, retail enterprises have never stopped exploring the digital transformation. During the period of 2017-2020, the penetration rate of mobile shopping and mobile payment to mobile phone users has exceeded 80%. Digital layout is an inevitable trend for retail enterprises. In addition, the government will take the digital consumption mode as the key to boost the economy in 2020. With the issuance of 30 billion consumption vouchers and the encouragement of local governments to “online new economy” and “new consumption”, smart retail will be applied to the digital reform of enterprises in this year.

In the exploration of digital upgrading of businesses, wechat, as a huge business ecosystem with 1.2 billion + users, has gradually become the mainstream as ERP, CRM and other traditional enterprise digital tools. As a representative of new business tools, wechat has continuously improved its business capability matrix in recent years, and is committed to helping businesses better realize digital operation. In 2020, wechat will open new small program live broadcast, launch fast store opening tool wechat small store, and build heavy video number. It has become a common trend for the industry to intelligently upgrade traditional retail with new business tools such as wechat and small program Knowledge.

According to the research data of the micro League report, WeChat payment, small procedures, official account and enterprise WeChat are the most important applications for businesses to carry out business in WeChat. Among them, the small program is the core of many business tools in wechat. Since its launch in 2017, it has shown excellent commercialization ability in the retail industry. According to the official data of wechat, the average annual dau of small programs has exceeded 400 million. In 2020, the annual accumulated transaction volume of small programs has increased by more than 100% year on year, and the annual growth rate of Gmv of small programs’ physical goods has reached 154%. The impact of the epidemic in 2020 has made wechat apps an important place for businesses to operate online. According to the report of Weimeng, the app has become the most widely used commercial tool for businesses, second only to wechat payment, and has gradually become the standard configuration for retail businesses to deploy and digitize.

According to the report of Weimeng, the main functions of the surveyed retailers through the application of small programs are live broadcast, intelligent shopping guide, digital membership, social interactive marketing and code scanning. Especially in the upsurge of live broadcast e-commerce in 2020, live broadcast has become the most frequently used commercial function. From the successful practice of smart retail business case, through the live broadcast is to contribute to these businesses a good performance increment. Mengjie home textile’s 4-hour live broadcast sales exceeded 25 million yuan in the small program live broadcast activity of “ten thousand people competing for the factory”; in the live broadcast activity of lebei member Carnival launched by Lenovo on the small program, the accumulated sales reached 120 million yuan and the number of viewers exceeded 4.4 million.

Epidemic blocking passenger flow and private flow is the focus of smart retail operation

In 2020, COVID-19 plunged passenger flow under the physical retail line, exposing some of the problems in retail business. According to the report of Weimeng, it is difficult to obtain customers and easy to lose customers that are the biggest pain points for the operation of entity retail enterprises. Secondly, the main problems of enterprises are the low efficiency of people and the weak marketing ability.

In this context, it has become the consensus of retailers to realize digital transformation through the combination of online and offline intelligent retail mode. The main purpose of smart retail upgrading is to bring substantial sales promotion to businesses, and it is also an important basis to test the success of smart retail. According to the survey in the report of Weimeng, nearly half of the merchants hope to expand new sales channels and increase sales through upgrading smart retail.

According to the insight of Weimeng report on the application status of smart retail businesses, smart retail mainly helps traditional retail enterprises to realize digital upgrading from the aspects of private member operation, store drainage, and enabling shopping guide. By improving the business operation ability of businesses, it increases the passenger flow for stores, and then helps businesses to improve sales. Among them, the construction of private domain traffic has become the focus of business operation. In the process of applying smart retail, businesses mainly precipitate private domain traffic through the construction of membership system. The data shows that 60% of the retail app shopping users are business members at the same time, which indicates that smart retail has achieved certain results in helping business members to operate in private domain. Therefore, member operation has become the focus of many businesses in the practice of smart retail.

Online order and store pick-up are popular applications in small program smart retail. According to the data of Weimeng report, through this form, 30% of online traffic can be effectively guided to offline stores, helping the growth of store passenger flow, thus alleviating the difficulty of getting customers in stores to a certain extent.

In stores, as a direct contact between merchants and consumers, shopping guide is a key link in the smart upgrade of retail merchants. According to the report of Weimeng, smart retail plays an active role in enabling full-time and global sales and improving sales power through small programs, communities, enterprise wechat and other tools. The data shows that among the merchants who use the smart retail shopping guide function, the proportion of the order performance belonging to the shopping guide accounts for more than 50% of the total Gmv, and the heavy shopping guide industries such as clothing, home furnishings, digital home appliances, beauty, mother and baby have a high demand for digital shopping guide.

From the brand practice cases in Weimeng report, some brands have run through an effective operation mode based on member precipitation, store drainage and shopping guide. Lin Qingxuan, a beauty brand, encourages store shopping guides to use wechat to precipitate members. At the same time, it uses the combination of “online purchase + store self pick-up” to attract customers into the store, thus forming a closed loop of private traffic operation, which includes getting customers from the store, binding enterprises and micro businesses, regular access and store service.

According to the report of Weimeng, smart retail has also gained the general recognition of businesses for its direct attack and accurate empowerment on the needs of businesses in the process of digital upgrading. More than 50% of the surveyed businesses have given 5-star evaluation on smart retail, indicating that they are very much in agreement with smart retail.

Three problems hinder the implementation of smart retail, and the combination of public and private sectors is the general trend

In the practice of smart retail, technology, personnel and capital are the biggest obstacles to the smooth implementation of smart retail. According to the survey data, about half of the businesses in the process of practicing smart retail can not support the development of smart retail business due to the imperfect technology in all aspects of the enterprise and the old internal system. At the same time, the management of the enterprise does not pay enough attention to intelligent retail, lack of professional talents, weak awareness of intelligent retail of front-line personnel, lack of cooperation of entity agents and other personnel factors have also become prominent problems in the practice of intelligent retail, which makes it difficult for the intelligent retail mode to be truly implemented. The emergence of third-party service providers helps retail enterprises effectively break down technical and personnel barriers, and plays a key role in the practice of enterprise smart retail.

From the perspective of enterprises’ investment budget in smart retail, according to the questionnaire survey of Weimeng Research Institute, only 35% of the merchants’ annual budget investment in smart retail is more than 200000 yuan, and 47% of the merchants’ budget investment is less than 100000 yuan, which indicates that the merchants’ current investment in smart retail is generally not high. Therefore, in the choice of smart retail solutions, more than 60% of the respondents prefer to choose SaaS solutions with high cost performance provided by SaaS service providers; 25.3% of the enterprises have professional technical teams and can develop and maintain smart retail solutions on their own, while only 7.3% choose technology outsourcing for customized development.

For the traditional retail industry, the most important thing to upgrade smart retail is digital transformation. Through digital transformation, we can realize the interconnection of online and offline members, marketing, services, commodities, etc. Smart retail service providers provide digital solutions such as stores and marketing for retail enterprises through SaaS, so as to help retail enterprises break through technical barriers, realize online and offline communication, and help retail enterprises obtain substantial business growth. Taking the third-party service provider Weimeng as an example, Weimeng has helped Mengjie, linqingxuan, Lenovo, anel and other retail enterprises to realize digital transformation and upgrading by building small program Mall for enterprises and providing corresponding smart retail solutions, setting a benchmark for the practice of smart retail.

According to the report of Weimeng, the application of smart retail by head brands will drive more and more enterprises in the whole retail industry to upgrade smart retail, and small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from smart retail and realize digital transformation and upgrading faster. In addition, whether it is the head or small and medium-sized businesses, the combination of public and private sectors will become the general trend for retail enterprises to upgrade their wisdom. By obtaining as much traffic as possible in the public domain, depositing it into the private domain flow pool of enterprises, and further establishing the digital membership system, retail enterprises can realize more accurate connection and touch with users. With the diversification of consumer access to content, live e-commerce, short video new business and marketing mode will become the “standard configuration” of more and more smart retail businesses, and become a sharp tool for businesses to operate and transform private domain traffic. The continuous improvement of business functions of small programs is an ideal tool for businesses in both public domain and private domain. In the future, it will become a basic tool for businesses to practice smart retail in the full link digital stage.

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