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2020 tip of the tongue economic insight report 115 million users become online “food”, dried squid, soy milk tea become the biggest winners From These Mobile

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The following is the 2020 tip of the tongue economic insight report 115 million users become online “food”, dried squid, soy milk tea become the biggest winners From These Mobile recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Electronic Commerce, research report, Mobile Internet, Online shopping.

How did you see the “new blue collar report” in the last issue? Thank you for your feeling of having a new year, “7 + 3 = 8” national day, Mid Autumn Festival, and watching questmobile’s report carefully. It can be seen that you are really bored in the roads, scenic spots and other places_ O ha ha ha, of course, there is a message in the background of children’s shoes saying: Mr.QM The latest report keeps up with the trend of the times and has deep insight! (⊙o⊙)… Children’s shoes, it’s not good to boast like this. Don’t make idols. We are very low-key. In this era, no matter who it is, we don’t know whether the insight is deep or not. The hole is often very deep, but it is true

To get to the point, after a good holiday, catering and tourism are all recovering Mr.QM Let’s share with you the real “gourmet map”. Questmobile data shows that in the past few years, the number of online food users and consumer users has continued to grow. By August 2020, the number of food users in the mobile market has reached 115 million, and the post-90s and Post-00 groups account for more than 2 / 3200 yuan, and the online consumption capacity users account for 83.9%, which fully shows the potential of young users.

This tiktok Kwai Fu has been closely related to the sustainable development of mobile Internet. At present, through mobile Internet, not only can we achieve the full link loop of “information acquisition – online purchase / self production, experience sharing”, and with the emergence of KOL platforms, such as strong voice content, fast hand, micro-blog, little red book, WeChat public entrance, etc., the entrance of the closed-loop link will be expanded. The exhibition has expanded to infinity, which has further expanded the groups of online purchase / self-made two parts. Especially under the influence of the epidemic, the number of monthly live users of self-made has reached nearly 30 million, an increase of 25.8% over the same period of last year. The per capita time spent on the application of gourmet recipes has increased by 10%!

Tiktok delicacy, delicacy and delicacy, also brings a lot of attention to these KOL platforms. The number of gourmet KOL on the platform is more than 30% of the platform’s KOL. The number of KOL dishes is more than 30%, similar to the teacher of red rain, the peach sister of Shu, the wave of the fairy, the cat sister who loves food, the big LOGO eating Kwai Chow, the sister of the countryside, the hot food of Beijing, the delicious food of One, and so on. Taiwan layout, the penetration rate of gourmet people is more than 10%, and the conversion rate of their goods with them is far higher than the average conversion rate of the whole network, and the conversion rate of many KOLs is more than 20%!

In addition, from the perspective of online shopping platforms and categories, in addition to meituan takeout and hungry, the penetration rate of its own platform is continuously increasing Coffee (11.5%), KFC (9.6%) and Starbucks (5.8%). In terms of categories, snacks and fresh food have become the mainstream. Dried squid, baking suit, soymilk milk milk tea and characteristic cured meat have become the most popular top 5 food products for gourmet people

What kind of love and hate do these people have? Look at the report.

The food crowd accounts for 10% of the total mobile market, and 2 / 3 of them are post-90s and post-00s

1. China’s catering industry has been maintaining a steady growth trend in recent years. In the first half of 2020, although the catering industry was greatly hit by the epidemic situation, with the recovery of commercial operation, the catering industry is still an important industry field of economic rise in the post epidemic era

2. The diversity and convenience of mobile application services make more and more people meet their food needs through the mobile Internet; the proportion of food crowd in mobile market has reached 10%, and its regional distribution is positively correlated with the economic development of the province

3. The post-90s and post-00s accounted for 2 / 3 of the gourmet population. Although the young group accounted for a large proportion, they still had a strong online consumption ability

Mobile Internet promotes food

Life scene is becoming more and more diverse and perfect

1. Through the mobile Internet, it can fully meet all the food needs of the food crowd from information acquisition, online purchase, independent production to experience sharing

2. Information acquisition: pay attention to food KOL and obtain various food information

2.1 food KOL is active on multiple platforms, providing rich types of food theme content, which greatly meets the food crowd’s demand for food information

2.2 delicacy delicacy Kwai tiktok has become an important group in the content creation market. The number of KOL in the food and video is 30% over the 30%.

2.3 food KOL multi platform layout, short video platform becomes the standard configuration, the average conversion rate of food people with goods is significantly higher than that of the whole network users

3. Online shopping: takeout and shopping app accelerate the timeliness of food acquisition and enhance the richness of food

3.1 the rapid development of the takeout industry has met the demand of users to enjoy delicious meals without leaving home. Food lovers have a significant preference for outbound app, and the active penetration rate of TGI is above 500

3.2 online purchase of snacks, drinks and fresh food has become the daily life of gourmet people. Comprehensive e-commerce is the main online shopping channel, and has obvious preference for fresh e-commerce platforms

3.3 gourmet people have become an important source of fresh e-commerce apps, accounting for more than 30% of fresh e-commerce applications

4. Self made: experience the fun of food cooking

4.1 affected by the epidemic situation, many food lovers began to try to cook their own dishes. The number of monthly active users of self-made food was nearly 30 million, with a year-on-year increase of 25.8%, and the time spent on the application of food recipes increased by 10%

4.2 following the recipe, self-made food is popular among more women and young groups. More than 60% of the users are female and 54.9% are young users aged 19-30

4.3 food lovers mainly use the food menu app in the head, and the average daily use time is higher than that in the same period last year

5. Experience sharing: multi style recording and sharing of food experience such as pictures, short videos, etc

5.1 food lovers like to record and share the food they eat or the production process, and realize the dissemination and sharing of food fun in the form of text, pictures, short video and live broadcast

5.2 social application is the main way for food lovers to share the fun of food; short video is not only a new channel for food lovers to enjoy food content, but also to share food works. The relevant beautification pictures and video clip applications are deeply loved by them

Rich interests and hobbies bring them more colorful life

1. The food crowd has a wide range of interests, especially in entertainment fashion, travel, sports and health

2. The food crowd has formed a diversified and rich lifestyle around food, which is also an important consumption scene to stimulate economic growth in the post epidemic era

3. Food and entertainment, travel in the city: there are many entertainment needs while pursuing delicious food

3.1 The Gourmet crowd is an important consumer group of the ticketing platform. With the increasingly rich forms of entertainment, the proportion of gourmet people in the ticket platform users is also growing rapidly

3.2 the gourmet group also has a high demand for travel service, among which taxi app is more often used, and public transport can use traffic card directly. However, among the app users of bus service, the gourmet crowd still accounts for a large proportion

4. Food tourism, travel: food is an important consumption consideration

4.1 in recent years, the competition in Online Tourism & B & B short rent industry is more fierce. With the continuous improvement of the popularity of many emerging service platforms, the proportion of its gourmet population also shows a rapid growth

4.2 high speed rail has become the main means of transportation for people to travel across the city. The application demand of food crowd in train service is also higher, but in the flight service users, the proportion of food crowd is relatively large

5. Food health: while enjoying delicious food, they also pay attention to their own health

5.1 gourmet people have a rapid growth in the use of various types of health beauty apps, and their demand for health beauty is more diversified

5.2 the food crowd has a high preference for sports fitness & Health KOL, and the information acquisition is mainly by short video

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