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2020 Weibo entertainment white paper

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2020, tide and wave

Many years later, when we look back at the beginning of 2020, we will still feel breathtaking.

The Spring Festival stalls forced to be cancelled, Hengdian temporarily sealed, concerts and dramas postponed indefinitely At that time, no one knew how long the epidemic would press the pause button for the entertainment industry.

The epidemic has revealed the fragility of the industry under its bright appearance. Some film and television companies and cinemas have not survived this suspension and collapsed in 2020. More entertainment practitioners are actively moving forward in the predicament, demonstrating the industry’s vigorous vitality and courage to face the difficulties.

The most difficult time, fortunately, there is music, we can sing. When the epidemic was the most serious, artists took part in the online performance one after another, using music to convey warmth, singing to inspire the public, and cheering for the fight against the epidemic.

The unity of the entertainment industry is a microcosm of all walks of life fighting side by side. It is because of the unity that we can gradually get out of the haze of the epidemic and return to the right track.

The epidemic has accelerated the transformation of the industry, and the content and form of entertainment are being updated and iterated.

Offline activities are blocked by the epidemic, and online entertainment rules are gradually enriched——

With the acceleration of the integration of cinema and Internet, the online traffic becomes more and more important, and the cinema end needs to attract the audience back to the offline through the online “cloud marketing”, and a large number of publicity activities move to the online.

Offline concerts have been canceled, and online concerts have increased dramatically, with tens of millions of people watching a single concert. The online form has also narrowed the distance between singers and more audiences.

The biggest change is the popularity of online live broadcasting. Everyone is likely to become a star and a celebrity. The head anchor and the star are linked, and the live broadcasting room has become a new scene of star chasing.

New content is beginning to appear——

Chinese suspense plays explore the way forward, and excellent short plays bring new atmosphere to the industry.

“Her power” will be on the stage in 2020. From the perspective of women, big dramas infiltrating women’s emotions and workplace problems have triggered a nationwide upsurge of drama chasing; many female themed variety shows have blossomed in full swing, refusing women’s anxiety, and 30 + women can still redefine their lives; female talk show artists have exported more diverse values, which has caused many heated discussions.

In the special year of 2020, there are still many popular works. We are glad to see that the entertainment industry has brought comfort, strength, happiness and thinking to the audience.

Movies, dramas, variety shows and music care for people’s heart and the pulse of the times, and achieve emotional resonance with the audience. The more in a special period, the more irreplaceable the role of entertainment content in soothing people’s hearts.

In the front line of war and epidemic, some medical workers even wrote the names of their idols on their protective clothing to encourage them to support themselves. In every ordinary leisure time after returning to work and childbirth, a good song, an interesting variety show, a good play and a good movie are not only a healing force, but also a social conversation or a window to connect with the world.

We use songs to sound the clarion call of returning to work and production, and use images to record the story of this era. After the epidemic eased a little, some writers went to the front line to collect and create, and filmmakers and TV people quickly gathered to repeat the true story of the epidemic.

Recording stories and inspiring people are the value and mission of the entertainment industry.

In 2021, everything will be renewed and a new journey will start.

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