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As an important member of the alliance, Pangang Tianfu Huirong Asset Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Angang Group, participated in the drafting and release of the white paper of industrial financial blockchain alliance. The purpose of the white paper is to gather the resource advantages of the publisher in industry, finance, science and technology, academic, professional and other aspects, build a “co construction, CO governance, sharing” industrial financial ecosystem, build a scenario based, open and sharing industrial financial blockchain alliance platform, expand industrial financial application scenarios, effectively dock the financial market, and deliver sharing advantages to small and medium-sized and private enterprises We should improve the quality of credit resources, reduce the capital cost of the industrial chain, and improve the operation efficiency of the industrial chain.

Based on the analysis of the application status and development trend of blockchain in the field of industrial finance, the white paper puts forward the idea of building industrial financial blockchain alliance, and expounds the three systems of industrial financial blockchain alliance, including alliance chain infrastructure, trusted digital assets and alliance governance mechanism. The joint publishers jointly propose to set up the industrial financial blockchain alliance. All parties adhering to the concepts of co construction, CO governance, sharing and openness join hands to achieve the alliance. They are committed to exploring the innovation and application of financial technology in the field of “blockchain +”, implementing the original mission of financial services for the real economy, building the infrastructure of the alliance chain, and implementing the market-oriented strategy And gradually improve the ecological governance mechanism of the alliance.

In the future, the industrial financial blockchain alliance will focus on promoting the implementation of assets, funds, information, services and other business cooperation of Angang Group and other alliance members, especially the industry leaders and financial institutions, and promote the formation of data asset contribution incentive mechanism. Based on the alliance’s blockchain facilities, the underlying technical support platform will be built to make the asset side, all kinds of service institutions, and capital side convenient and efficient It can effectively transfer information, realize the two-way customization of capital and assets, support the application of digital assets securitization of alliance platform, realize the traceability, registration, transaction and publicity of digital assets through digital assets platform, and help enterprises complete the whole process of information digitization, digital credit, credit assets and asset securitization. At present, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Tianfu Huirong and baowuou metallurgical service have formed a large-scale effect in their business ecology. With the digital asset certificate of accounts receivable as the business carrier, they provide efficient and reliable financial services for the cooperative enterprises in the industry. In the future, the application scenarios of the industrial financial blockchain alliance platform will accelerate the extension from the steel ecosystem to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and other industries.

The establishment of industrial financial blockchain alliance is helpful to build the eco industrial chain of Angang Group, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industrial chain and enhance the influence of the industry. From the perspective of iron and steel industry, the alliance will rely on the support of block chain and other advanced technologies to inject new power into the development of traditional industries, create a healthy and dynamic industrial ecology, and explore a broader space for industrial development.

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