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2020 white paper of industrial optical network From Industrial Internet Industry Alliance

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As the core strategy of China’s new infrastructure policy, industrial Internet shoulders the important mission of industrial upgrading and improving the manufacturing capacity of high-end equipment. In terms of definition, industrial Internet should provide full connection of all elements of industrial economy. It is a new industrial digital system integrating new generation information communication technologies such as new network, advanced computing, big data and artificial intelligence with manufacturing technology. Its network presents the trend of integration, openness and flexibility. The early development of industrial enterprises in China mainly focuses on production automation and management informatization. With the development of information technology, more and more industrial enterprises hope to improve production efficiency, yield and realize intelligent production through information technology. Industrial Internet is the starting point for enterprises to form closed-loop production and management, which can help enterprises realize end-to-end, full life cycle digital production management.

At the same time, China has the world’s largest all-optical basic network and a number of world leading optical communication technology companies, and is one of the countries with the most vigorous development of optical communication industry and technology in the world. Combining optical network technology with industry has natural conditions and advantages. In addition, the advantages of optical network are high bandwidth, low delay, low loss, easy operation and maintenance, anti-interference. These advantages can be fully used to meet the network needs of enterprises in the process of intelligent manufacturing, while ensuring the security, convenience and ease of use of the network. Through the construction of industrial optical network, the unified access of production control, plant monitoring and office business in the enterprise park can be realized, so as to realize the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things.

This document is led by China information and Communication Research Institute and participated by several member units of industrial Internet industry alliance. The main participants are Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. At present, the draft of the white paper has been formed, and there must be many deficiencies in the paper. Experts and scholars are welcome to put forward their opinions to jointly promote the improvement of the white paper and seek new development of industrial optical network.

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