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With the penetration rate of smart phones approaching saturation, the mobile phone market is slowly entering a bottleneck period, and the upgrading of optical sensing system is expected to become the focus of breaking the situation. AI redefines light perception and emphasizes that by making use of AI capabilities, especially the advantages of AI algorithm, the synergy of light perception system can be enhanced, so as to improve performance, enrich functions and enhance effect.

In the field of smart phones, the application of AI combined with light sensing system is mainly reflected in biometrics and mobile phone shooting. AI + light sensing system is mainly composed of hardware and software. The hardware part includes screen, lens set and chip. The software part is mainly AI algorithm. In the field of hardware, the large screen of mobile phone has become the mainstream trend, and the shooting under the screen has become the focus of realizing the “true full screen”; the number of mobile phone lens is approaching saturation, and the combination optimization and structure upgrading have become the focus of competition. Algorithm field: AI algorithm is popular, with rich models and broad development space. Basic image quality has become the focus of the development of computational photography, and the prospect of high image quality technology is optimistic.

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