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2020 white paper on TV game development From China home appliance network

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The concept of Game TV has just been popularized, and a large number of related products have appeared in the market, among which some manufacturers use propaganda and other means to seize the market in the case of immature technology. This time, China home appliance network and Beijing tairuite Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. jointly compiled the above white paper, which describes and analyzes the development status and trend of Game TV industry to a certain extent, and puts forward some suggestions on the purchase of Game TV. I believe that with the vigorous development of the e-sports Market and TV industry, Game TV will have a broad prospect in the future The market.

Problems in Game TV

In order to better understand the behavior habits of game groups, whether they know about Game TV and whether they will buy game TV in the future, CNKI has organized a special consumer survey. And after the survey process, the comprehensive survey results analysis of the existing game TV products in the market, it is summarized as the following problems.

(1) The problem of picture stuck delay is obvious

For game players, the screen jam or operation delay in the process of the game will greatly reduce the game experience, can not tolerate the delayed screen jam. Behind this phenomenon, the main reason is that the gray response speed of display terminal panel is low. In addition, due to the display panel input delay, resulting in the player’s operation can not be timely feedback to the screen is also a relatively common phenomenon.

From the perspective of hardware, the above two common problems are mainly determined by the panel. Because the panel of different materials has different characteristics, but there are many kinds of Game TV on the market using different panel and tuning technology, and because there is no standard limit, the delay gap between different products can be as high as tens of milliseconds, so consumers can not rest assured to buy.

(2) Poor game adaptability

At present, in addition to using the technology optimization of their own enterprises, it is very rare for mainstream TV manufacturers to cooperate with game manufacturers, and most of them cooperate with game distribution platforms. The way of optimization is relatively basic and the players don’t feel deeply. According to the data, the biggest potential consumer group of Game TV is the host and PC game players, and most of the game resources that these players contact are developed based on the platform of NVIDIA and AMD. Therefore, in order to improve the game experience and optimize the game at the gene level, we must obtain the technical support of the two platforms. But at present, the emergence of a large number of Game TV products on the market does not take this into account.

(3) Ignore the upgrading of sound and picture quality technology

The mission of the birth of Game TV is to enhance the player’s game experience based on the sound and picture performance of the TV itself combined with the deep optimization of the game. However, in the pursuit of the optimization of the game content, the basic attribute of the TV itself is ignored, which is different from the sound and picture quality of other devices.

From the perspective of manufacturers, if we want to achieve high standards in the game and TV audio and video functions at the same time, the cost and difficulty of R & D will be multiplied. Therefore, most manufacturers are more willing to give up the audio-visual quality content with less obvious differentiation in the experience process. For example, although Dolby vision, an international audio-visual calibration standard, is added to the flagship product, it does not use the latest generation of Dolby vision IQ technology, which is inconsistent with the attributes of the flagship product.

Seven cores of Game TV shopping

In general, although the game TV industry has exposed some problems, it is inevitable for every emerging industry, because it is the inevitability of the market law. Therefore, in order to standardize the industry standards, improve product quality, and let consumers have a real purchase proposal with reference value, China home appliance network and Beijing tairuite Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. carry out multi-dimensional analysis on the related problems of Game TV, and finally deduce the seven core factors of Game TV purchase.

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