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2021 baby stroller trend insight Report From TMIC

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Recently, tmall new product innovation center (TMIC), together with tmall maternal and infant products industry, Euromonitor information consulting and Ali Research Institute, released the “2021 baby stroller trend insight” report through TMIC dark horse factory. Tmall new product innovation center (TMIC) data show that baopa and Baoma pay more attention to comfort, such as “shock absorption” and “high landscape” in daily walking; baopa and Baoma pay more attention to convenience, such as “light”, “folding”, “one click collection” and “small” in daily travel.

In 2020, the number of newborns in China will decline. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the growth of baby strollers on tmall platform will be basically flat. However, this has not prevented the acceleration of the upgrade and branding of the carts. At present, the post-90s generation has become the main force of the younger generation of parents. Their new consumption concepts such as fashion, self satisfaction and “little me” drive the changes of the market. The use of carts has the characteristics of earlier age, longer distance and more frequent frequency. The products pay more attention to texture, function segmentation and are more willing to pay for the appearance or a favorite trait.

Specifically, among the search keywords, the keywords with higher UV growth rate were “ultra light”, “two-way” and “boarding”, with growth rates of 261.4%, 104.6% and 14.3% respectively. This shows that the children’s carts crowd in the purchase of children’s carts, light, convenient as the main consideration. Among all brands, Goodchild has the most significant “light” attribute. Its carbon fiber cart, made of carbon fiber, weighs less than 4kg, has higher body strength, and has the advantages of one hand folding, which has a bright performance in the market.

In addition to being light and convenient, “two-way” and “shock absorption” are also one of the fastest growing search terms. While young parents pursue being light, they care more about the riding experience of their newborns. The two-way high landscape cart is a high-end model in the cart. Its wide sleeping basket, stable body shock absorption system and flexible reversing function make this kind of car a typical representative of product upgrading in 2020 One. Goodchild, teamom, bebebebus, etc. combined with their own brand design and technological innovation advantages, quickly opened up the market and led the new trend of children’s carts among young parents’ consumer groups.

Outdoor trips are more frequent, and children’s carts become a necessity. For safety reasons, the cumbersome design of the car collection process, “one click car collection” has become the first choice of high-end consumers. According to TMIC data, the key words of “one click to receive a car” increase as high as 1015.0% in search UV. Yiletu and other brands’ “one click car collection” function has become a hot word for product search.

In the travel of young parents with their children, a variety of travel scenes make the words “Liuwa” well known. “Liuwa artifact” has also become the main hot word for the growth of the number of buyers and visitors. According to TMIC data, the search speed of the keyword “Liuwa artifact” in the overall market has reached 79.8%. Shuwei, elittile and other leading brands of walking baby artifact trolleys sales were also pushed up.

The upgrading of goods promotes the healthy development of the industry, and the quality and safety is also a growing concern of the maternal and infant population. In February 2021, tmall mother and baby issued the high standard of “tmall screening”. Based on the platform mysterious buyer sampling system and the quality inspection alliance of authoritative institutions, the quality of products was verified by means of conformity identification and report audit. Baby strollers are mysteriously sampled according to the three high standards of “stability and durability test > 50000 times, cart strength test > 5000 times, and gnawing safety chemical test”. After passing the standards, they can pass through the “official sampling inspection” at the front desk for consumers’ purchase reference, and continue to actively create the consumer habit of “buying safety cart on tmall”.

At this stage, the high-end baby stroller with a unit price of more than 1760 yuan is promoting the development of the whole category. In 2020, high-end cart products accounted for 23% of the total transaction value, with a year-on-year growth of 3.7%, and continue to gain more market share from the low-end market. In the next five years, the scale of China’s children’s cart market will further grow. Euromonitor estimates that the market scale of children’s cart industry is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2025. Baby stroller brands need to be prepared to change at any time in the future development, seize the key variables, and win new markets and consumer growth points.

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