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2021 Baijiu digital marketing insight into the white paper From Tencent marketing insight

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“No wine without wine, no wine, no ceremony”. From the legend, the liquor was invented by Du Kang liquor, and now the Baijiu Baijiu is competing for the colorful wine, which is a charming symbol of Chinese history. It plays an important role in the life of Chinese people. It’s not only a sharp tool to flaunt one’s identity, but also a necessity for business banquets, a favorite for reunion, a good gift for human relations, a liquid with collection value, and a key word for the ups and downs of the stock market

In recent years, with the rise of Internet technology and digital tools, Baijiu has a long history of more abundant and diverse use scenarios, and a number of Baijiu leading brands have also opened the digital journey. Under such circumstances, what new changes have taken place in the Baijiu industry? What are the differences between Baijiu consumption link and consumption scenario? What is the main consumer group portrait of Baijiu? How to reach, communicate, transform and trade efficiently?

On April 7, the main forum of the 104th national sugar and wine fair with the theme of “promoting circulation and opening up a new situation” was successfully held, which also opened the curtain for the three-day “wind vane of China’s liquor industry” national sugar and Wine Fair. Baijiu Baijiu (Tencent) marketing insight (TMI) released the “new consumption” of Baijiu in the digital social circle, which is a heavy marketing issue of the Tencent, 2021, the white paper of digital marketing of liquor industry, in order to help enterprises better grasp the demand trend of liquor industry and explore new ways of digital social interaction.

Baijiu market “new” observation: hot topic, online migration

Through investigation and analysis, Tencent’s marketing insight (TMI) has found four new observations in the Baijiu Market: high topics, wide coverage, obvious upgrading of industry consumption and multiple roles.

According to the data released by China Wine Association, the output of Baijiu in China in 2020 was 740.73 million liters, down 2.46% from the same period last year, but the topic fever continued to rise. Baijiu Baijiu consumers pay close attention to information and exchange and share with each other. 94% of Baijiu consumers share liquor related information. Baijiu Baijiu is China’s traditional industry. Compared with beer, wine and liquor, the age and geographical distribution of liquor are scattered, covering the age and city level more evenly.

With the upgrading of overall consumption, the Baijiu market also showed an uptrend. Compared with previous years, the Baijiu market drinking level increased by 44%, and the promotion of consumer awareness and the influence of social circles are the main thrust of consumer upgrading. This trend is more prominent among super high-end consumers, with 66% of them upgrading their drinking quality.

In the consumption scenario, the scene of Baijiu drinking is moving from line to line, and the cloud drinking is the obvious example. Besides drinking, Baijiu also plays an important role in gifts, daily communication, collection and investment. Social attributes are more prominent. Among them, the proportion of gifts is 65%, and daily conversation accounts for 48%.

“New” changes in Baijiu information channel: online social circle has become an important position.

Baijiu itself has strong social attributes. In the era of Internet social development, WeChat, brand self APP/ official website, business fans, short video official numbers, brand micro-blog group, and customer service providers are the main social circles, and are also becoming important energy fields, social fields and trading venues of Baijiu. From touch to communication to transformation, and then to transaction, consumers can complete online integration.

From the survey data, online channels have become an important way for consumers to understand Baijiu information. Among them, the online social circle penetration rate is as high as 96%. Rich content, strong interaction and convenience are the main reasons for moving consumers to apply high-frequency online social circle.

From the perspective of communication with consumers, online social circle can better satisfy consumers’ demand for Baijiu products, preferences, services and knowledge. 86% of online social networking information has impressed Baijiu consumers, mainly due to rich content, strong interaction, convenience, deep use and timely.

In terms of transformation, online social circle can effectively stimulate consumers’ interest in purchasing, and at the same time, it also causes strong social fission, which has a radiation effect on the circle. After seeing the social circle advertising on the liquor industry, 79% of the consumers will be interested in further understanding, 54% of consumers will be drained to the store or sales platform or participate in interaction, and 23% will share social consumption. The survey also showed that the share of Baijiu consumers who shared Baijiu content in 2020 accounted for 94%, of which 81% shared through social networking.

In terms of transaction, online social circle helps to realize online purchase transformation, especially in the influence of sub high end / super high end transaction. On the channels of influencing purchasing decisions, online channels accounted for 81% of the total. In the purchase of Baijiu channels, online social networking accounted for 50%. Meanwhile, 47% of respondents said that the amount of Baijiu purchased online would increase the cost.

Overall, Baijiu Baijiu is an important component of the social circle of the liquor industry. Its influence is penetrated through the whole link. Among them, consumers who understand the Baijiu information through WeChat reach 86%, and 70% of the liquor consumers develop the habit of using WeChat contacts. 70%.

WeChat advertising triggered a 79% interest in Baijiu consumers, and 39% of Baijiu consumers realized transactions through WeChat.

Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu official account, WeChat group and small program are immersed in the daily life of liquor consumers in WeChat system. They become important fields of experience and social interaction. For example, the proportion of consumers who concern liquor related public numbers is 32%, and the official account number of liquor related public articles is 39%.

At the same time, wechat ecology has become an important new trading field because of its excellent price, products and services. Compared with previous years, 82% of consumers increased their purchase through online channels, and 40% of them increased their purchase through wechat channels.

In the past year, 39% of consumers bought Baijiu on WeChat (such as small programs and links), compared with 55% consumers in WeChat. Wechat channel fully attracts consumers with its advantages of great price advantage, openness and transparency, trustworthy official channel, perfect after-sales service and guarantee.

Baijiu consumption crowd “new” hundred patterns

Baijiu liquor is the 6 typical consumer portrait talent shows itself: active middle and old age, new young people entering the circle, hard working people, high speed new middle class, high-end business people and new powerful women. These six groups of people have their own characteristics, and their acceptance of products and prices are also different.

Active middle-aged and elderly people

Most of them are semi retired, with an average age of 55. The proportion of first tier or new first tier cities is the highest. They have high income, love health and drink, and prefer high-profile products, such as limited edition and high-grade wine. When buying Baijiu online, they prefer familiar channels, such as WeChat, APP, etc., which are interested in new Baijiu and experience activities.

Young newcomers

Most of them are post-90s, most of them are students and ordinary white-collar workers, with an average age of 24 years old. They are mainly from the first tier / new first tier cities, second tier and third tier cities. They buy Baijiu mainly for their elders to drink, invest and gift. Hot topics / joint promotion, film and TV variety advertising recommendation and other ways will promote their purchase decisions. They are active in the circle of friends, microblog, QQ, small programs and other online social channels, value the uniqueness of communication content, and are willing to share, with an average of 2.5 sharing channels. They prefer the quick purchase method of one click direct connection when buying.

Working hard

Most of them are ordinary staff and workers, with an average age of 35. They are mainly distributed in the first tier cities, the new first tier cities, the second tier cities and the third tier cities. Their income is not high and they value promotion. They love classic Baijiu and Baijiu, which are indispensable ritual in daily catering. The recommendation of acquaintances, the price and promotion efforts will affect their purchase consideration. Circle of friends and recommendation from relatives / friends are the main channels to reach them, while the purchase channels are relatively scattered, and more purchase channels are decided according to the discount, including wechat, small programs and offline stores.

New middle class

The average age of the middle-aged managers is mainly 35, mainly from the front line and the new line. Baijiu helps to stimulate the social banquet and the atmosphere is the main reason for the group to choose baijiu. They are more trusting of official account and official endorsement channel, and are interested in new products. They love to order from the vertical e-commerce website /APP, comprehensive shopping APP and other channels.

High end business people

They are mainly corporate executives, sales, doctors / lawyers, etc., with a relatively balanced distribution in all tier cities, with an average age of 43.8 years. This group of elite people is the majority, Baijiu is a symbol of matching personal social status, preference for limited edition, high-grade Baijiu, high technology, personalized service. Social and news information can effectively reach this kind of people, and pay attention to personalized and dignified product and service experience to get their favor. In terms of purchase, they like wechat ecological shopping channel, and they prefer wechat group / enterprise wechat group most.

New power women

They are mainly sales and self employment, with an average age of 34.3 years old. The second and third tier cities account for the highest proportion. They value KOL recommendation, like to try new things, and are prone to impulse shopping. One of the entertainment ways to drink, drinking with family and friends, and human interaction are the main scenes of Baijiu Lotour. They love Baijiu information channel through public official account and pay attention to the popular information such as preferential treatment and new products.

In view of the above 6 typical Baijiu consumers, the report gives corresponding marketing strategies. In short, the sellers can collect good wine / fine wine for the active middle aged and elderly; for the new young people, they can create a “wine circle” that cares for me; a seller who can provide high price Baijiu for struggling workers; for the new high class, the official entrance to genuine quality guarantee is provided, while the high-end business people need to provide the exclusive management of personalized goods / services. Family and new power women can develop into curious people who try to break the wall.

New inspiration of digital marketing in Baijiu industry: building a smooth and efficient closed loop of transactions

As for the actual situation, there are obvious pain points in Baijiu and Baijiu industry in the four links of touch, communication, conversion and transaction. Consumers mainly worry about the problem of genuine goods and opaque prices. The liquor industry is faced with a series of link transformation problems due to the recognition of in-depth consumer understanding.

Baijiu industry’s pain in touch and communication with consumers

Digital marketing can provide support for Baijiu industry in every aspect, break down point by point, and build a smooth and efficient closed loop transaction.

In terms of touch

Achieve maximum touch, establish brand, high exposure, cover multiple scenes, such as major festivals, new product launch, etc.

In terms of communication

For different core groups, create personalized content, cross-border IP, realize in-depth cooperation at the content level, effectively stimulate user interest, deeply implant brand concept and content, ensure the consistency and relevance of scenarios, and extend IP to offline and other multi scenario applications.

In terms of transformation

Through accurate and effective communication platform / channel + precise optimization algorithm, we can realize a rich and diverse interactive mode, reduce consumer defense psychology, deeply occupy the minds of consumers, help brands achieve multiple promotion goals, such as finding target groups through form links, draining into public official account or community, and continuously arousing and stimulating activity.

In terms of trading

Through the direct and effective links + rich tools to achieve convenient and efficient trading channels, reduce the jump and loss, and keep the last foot of the transaction success rate. Such as the use of small programs, live links to achieve purchase conversion, create a closed-loop transaction.

“The fragrance of wine is priceless in spring, and it’s sweet to drink three cups of wine.” In 2021, the fierce battle of the Baijiu market is at full blast. While the enterprises are doing well in the products, the overall effort to digitally promote marketing will be the key to enhance their competitiveness. In addition, speeding up the construction of the digital platform with the authority digital platform will also be an important measure to consolidate their core competence. The Baijiu Baijiu market, which shows many new changes, has challenges and opportunities. We hope that more companies will be able to communicate with and contact with Baijiu consumers more quickly, accurately and deeply through digital wave, and let the liquor burst new potential energy and bloom deeper cultural charm.

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