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2021 beauty industry trend insight Report From Tmall & cbndata

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In the past two years, domestic beauty products are in full swing to welcome the “listing tide”. In October 2020, Pianzihuang will launch the cosmetics business listing plan; In November, Yixian e-commerce, the parent company of perfect diary, was listed on the US New York Stock Exchange, becoming the “first share of domestic beauty products” listed overseas; In March 2021, Winona’s parent company Bertoni went public.

In addition to IPO, all kinds of funds have poured into the domestic beauty industry. With the overall decline in the number of investment and financing events in the consumer sector, the number of investment and financing events in the beauty and skin care circuit will increase steadily in 2020. The favor of capital also proves that the domestic beauty industry is entering the best development era.

In the iterative consumption ecology, new domestic beauty brands seize the opportunity of the times and rise rapidly, exploring an unprecedented road. On April 13, China business data center (cbndata) and tmall gold makeup award jointly released the “tmall China cosmetics road – 2021 beauty industry trend insight report”. Based on cbndata’s big consumption data, cbndata has insight into the changing process of China beauty era, and summed up three new ways to counter attack China.

Strong rise of new brands   Domestic beauty enters 3.0 era

In recent years, the scale of China’s beauty care market continues to expand. According to the cbndata report, China’s beauty market is expected to reach 364.4 billion yuan in 2021. From 2018 to 2020, the online consumption of beauty care is also increasing year by year, showing a higher growth rate, and the growth rate of beauty care is higher than that of beauty care. At the same time, the number of domestic brands in beauty care industry is also increasing rapidly, and the growth rate of domestic brands in 2020 is much higher than that of foreign brands.

Behind the rise of domestic products, on the one hand, it is the help of the venture capital industry to the beauty track, on the other hand, it is the strengthening of young consumers’ recognition of domestic products. According to cbndata’s “report”, in 2020, the total amount of financing disclosed by beauty racetrack was 4.812 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 324%, becoming one of the hottest racetracks in the consumer venture capital market.

From the perspective of consumers, generation Z will account for more than 30% of the consumers of online beauty care in 2020. They are native netizens growing up with the mobile Internet. They have been influenced by multi culture since childhood, and they have different attitudes towards consumption from previous generations. When they choose brands, they pursue value recognition and have stronger national self-confidence. Compared with big brand labels, they prefer high value and cost performance.

Cbndata data shows that on the dressing table of generation Z, four Chengdu are domestic brands.

Looking back on the road of domestic beauty, it has actually experienced three times of traditional beauty, “Amoy beauty” and cutting-edge beauty. In the era of domestic products 1.0 before 2012, traditional domestic cosmetics and skin care brands such as Ding Jiayi, Bai Caoji and kazilan are represented. They reach consumers through traditional CS channels and communicate with consumers through mass media.

From 2012 to 2014, with the development of mobile Internet, domestic beauty products entered the era of 2.0. With the help of the potential energy of e-commerce and the change of users’ online consumption habits, yunifang, Afu essential oil, membrance family and other “Amoy beauty” brands entered the fast lane of development.

In recent years, from perfect diary, huaxizi to colorkey, many new brands have seized the opportunity of new consumption, burst out strong vitality, and domestic beauty has entered the 3.0 era. According to the data, the overall growth rate of beauty industry in 2020 will be 23%, while the growth rate of consumption of cutting-edge beauty will be as high as 78%.

Three ways to play   Opening up the way of domestic beauty products

In the era of 3.0, although these new domestic beauty products have their own different strategic layout, they also have common “playing methods” to follow. Cbndata “report” summed up the playing method of cutting-edge domestic products as “online popularity, offline competition, sailing out to sea”.

01. Online popularity: taking advantage of the platform to play with young people

From the perspective of the founder background of new and cutting-edge domestic brands, the founders of huaxizi, girlcult, colorkey and other brands are all born in the 1980s and 1990s. The brands created by young people know more about the changing new needs of young consumers.

In terms of product tonality, cutting-edge brands generally pay more attention to product appearance, and are also good at breaking the circle through IP crossover. Data show that the proportion of people who choose another product for better packaging is three times that of the previous generations.

From 2018 to 2020, the consumption scale of online cross-border co branded beauty products has increased significantly, and the consumption growth rate of cross-border co branded products of cutting-edge brands is nearly three times of that of beauty products as a whole.

In marketing, the new brand is keen to see the young people’s habit of using the voice, red book and B station tiktok. In addition, many new domestic brands also cooperate with tmall small black box, Alibaba big data, etc. to create popular products under the deep empowerment of tmall platform and realize corner overtaking.

02. Offline “competition”: layout offline to improve consumption experience

2020 is also the year of the outbreak of beauty collection stores. From colorist, wow color, to Huamei and Xiran, offline beauty collection will expand against the trend. New and cutting-edge brands, which started online, open up offline channels by entering Beauty Collection stores, and bring trial service to consumers, so as to create a more perfect and diversified consumption experience.

In addition to entering the beauty collection store, after having a certain influence in the industry, cutting-edge domestic beauty will tell the brand story and communicate with consumers more accurately and deeply in the form of brand flagship store, concept store, flash store and other offline stores.

03. Sailing to the sea: relying on the platform to enter the overseas market

In terms of domestic cities, Guangzhou ranks first in the list of new domestic beauty cities. Perfect diary, ximuyuan, colorkey and other domestic beauty brands were born in Guangzhou. According to the cbndata report, Guangzhou’s cosmetics manufacturers account for nearly 40% of the country, which can be said to be a real beauty supply chain base.

And look overseas, the beauty industry’s new favorites have also entered the overseas market. According to the data of the General Administration of customs, in the first three quarters of 2020, the export volume of China’s cosmetics was 752500 tons, with the export value reaching 3.139 billion US dollars, up 13.2% year on year. Tmall Taobao overseas 2020 double 11 hot “preemptive purchase”, domestic beauty to sea growth of more than 10 times. Lipstick, eye shadow and blush are the most popular products in the beauty products that go out to sea. Mascara and powdery cake have great potential for development.

Domestic beauty brands make their own unique moves in “going to sea”, or sell to all over the world relying on tmall Taobao, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms; Or establish overseas official websites and official accounts of overseas social platforms to establish more contacts with overseas consumers; Or through the acquisition of international brands, we can lay out the overseas market in a high-end way.

With the help of the iterative upgrading of social media platform and e-commerce platform, a large number of cutting-edge domestic beauty products have reconstructed the original consumption link and quickly established the brand influence among consumers; The offline layout provides consumers with more personalized service experience; The new wave of Cosmeceutics brands going out to sea is not only the layout of each brand strategy, but also proves the power of Chinese brands to the world.

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