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2021 chain brand private domain operation white paper From CCFA

The following is the 2021 chain brand private domain operation white paper From CCFA recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report.

The white paper points out that private sector operation has become another important position for chain brands after physical stores and e-commerce platforms, which includes not only the shift of consumption trend, but also the consideration of seeking performance increment, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. With the help of the third-party service providers represented by youzan, the private domain operation is rapidly implemented, which has become the choice of more and more chain brands.

From icing on the cake to key capabilities, the top 100 chain stores have seized the small program outlet

The white paper conducts a series of carding and Analysis on the private e-commerce layout of top 100 chain enterprises (Note: the ranking of top 100 chain enterprises is based on CCFA “top 100 Chinese chain enterprises in 2019”), and conducts in-depth interviews with the representative enterprises: Aegean group, Wenfeng world, Dongbai group, Zhou Dasheng jewelry, fashion women’s Vero Moda of Ling group, etc.

From the results of analysis and interview, the importance of chain brands for private sector operation has gradually changed from “icing on the cake” to “key capability” related to the future survival of enterprises. The private domain exploration of chain brands also has a negative impact on the company’s entity operation, organizational structure, internal division of labor and changes in rights and responsibilities.

In the choice of private business tools, wechat app has become the first choice for chain brands to implement private business. According to the statistics of the white paper, a total of 275 online applets were launched in 100 enterprises surveyed. Most of the head enterprises operate multiple applets, each of which carries different businesses or functions. Of the 275 apps, 117 use coupons, 89 use seckill, and 78 use live broadcast.

Small program building mode of top 100 chain enterprises

In the construction of small programs, chain brands are generally completed by self building and third-party service providers. In the cooperation of third-party service providers, the proportion of those who choose to like is the highest, reaching 43%. The white paper points out that compared with the high cost of self construction, more and more chain enterprises have chosen to do customized development or joint development with the help of third-party service providers in the past two years.

System building has become a common problem for chain brands

At present, the private domain of top 100 chain brands is still in the dividend period. The white paper points out that through the official account, WeChat community, personal numbers, small programs, live broadcast and other comprehensive operation mode, the customers of chain brand can be better preserved, enhance the rate of repeat purchase, maximize the value of single customer, and bring more profits through lower cost.

Compared with the traditional online channel, the private domain operation saves the platform Commission and the platform traffic purchase cost; compared with the offline channel, it saves the additional rent and labor cost. On this basis, improving the inventory turnover, cash occupation and sales out rate will lead to higher profit of average single product. According to the business data of youzan, the average profit margin of incremental revenue brought by private business is more than 20% higher than that of store revenue.

Comparison of operating costs of private e-commerce, e-commerce platform and stores

Private sector operation brings not only growth dividends for chain brands, but also internal challenges. According to the research of the white paper, in some chain enterprises, franchisees and store guides have a high degree of rejection of online private goods, because compared with the traditional offline business model, the online and offline private business model will bring extra workload.

Secondly, it departments in chain enterprises are difficult to adapt to the development of new business, because private domain has not formed standardization. The confusion is mainly concentrated in three dimensions: technical ability, commodity digitization ability and private domain traffic operation ability.

In addition, many chain enterprises have stepped on many pitfalls in the construction of private domain system. For example, the early cooperation system is not suitable, and they need to choose new tools again after the failure, which will waste a lot of people and property in the process; for example, the input-output ratio of self-developed system is too low, and finally they have to turn to the third-party service provider with high cost performance.

The private sector is affecting the operation of entities in reverse

For chain brands, the real big development of private domain is only one year (2020), but the changes brought by this year have far-reaching effects, and in 2021, these effects will be further presented.

According to the white paper, in the next year or two, private sector operations will have a negative impact on the physical operations of chain enterprises. Taking department stores as an example, the influence of private domain and community on physical operation will be greater and greater, from “shopping center with social function” to “social center with shopping function”.

And “global marketing” will become the necessary ability of chain brands in 2021. More and more chain brands will try to “global marketing”, and will be able to drain customers through micro-blog, Kwai hung, fast, video and other content platforms. At the same time, content capability will become more and more important for chain brands.

At the same time, a number of chain brand leaders have high hopes for wechat video number. Wechat video number is expected to break out in 2021. As a public domain traffic excavator in the wechat ecosystem, video number can help chain brands transform from the public sea of 1.2 billion wechat users.

The white paper also notes that in 2021, the private operation of chain brands will make the proportion of off-site orders of chain stores continue to increase. Private domain operation breaks the concept of traditional business circle. Chain brands use small programs, live broadcast, community and logistics distribution system to make the service of stores no longer have geographical boundaries. Regardless of marketing, trading or service, they can extend their tentacles beyond the scope of stores.

Secondly, the refined operation in the private domain also has a strong adsorption on users. When distance no longer becomes the boundary of consumption, users will be willing to pay for more recognized brands and better services.

In addition, community management tools will be widely used in chain brands. More and more enterprises choose to transfer the personal wechat or wechat group of shopping guide to the enterprise wechat gradually, and the member resources also change from personal resources to the private domain flow pool of the enterprise. In 2021, most enterprises will increase capital and manpower investment in the private sector. In terms of tools, they hope to have a tool that can help them further improve the operational efficiency of the community, so as to improve the user experience and save labor costs.

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