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Under the new normal, in the face of high uncertainty and high expected economic growth, in order to help advertisers and marketing industry chain to scientifically formulate marketing plans, reasonably allocate marketing resources and grasp the possible growth opportunities in 2021, the second hand Marketing Academy jointly issued the 2021 China digital marketing trend report jointly with the global digital Marketing Summit (GDMS) and media 360 on December 8 》。

The overall confidence of marketing investment is positive, and the average growth rate of enterprise marketing is 17%

According to the report, 47% of advertisers predict that China’s overall marketing investment will increase in 2021, 12% believe it will increase significantly, and 35% think it will increase slightly. The overall confidence of China’s marketing investment is positive. Among the new advertisers, 54% believe that China’s marketing investment has increased, far more than 43% of the mature advertisers, and the positive confidence is stronger.

In line with the OECD’s optimistic view of China’s economic growth potential, in 2021, the average growth rate of enterprise’s overall marketing expected expenses (including traditional and digital) will reach 17%, which is significantly higher than the actual cost growth of 8% in 2020. After the epidemic, the marketing investment of Chinese enterprises will rise.

In 2021, there are obvious differences between high and low budget advertisers, mature and new advertisers. The overall situation is that the richer and the more growth, the more cutting-edge, the more growth. 80% of high budget advertisers (annual 10 million and above) said that they would increase marketing investment, which was 10% higher than that of low budget advertisers (less than 10 million); 80% of new and sharp advertisers said that they would increase marketing investment, 8% higher than mature advertisers.

The objective of product effect is undergoing reconstruction, and the promotion of ROI of marketing effect is the biggest challenge of media choice for advertisers

For “the purpose of advertising”, 79% and 78% of advertisers chose brand goal (strengthening brand image and enhancing brand cognition) and effect target (increasing sales volume), respectively. The similar proportion indicates that advertisers are reconstructing the quality target.

In contrast, high budget advertisers pay more attention to brand goals, especially the construction of brand image. Senior managers of enterprises pay more attention to brand than middle-level ones. When asked whether brand is still important in digital era, 80% of senior managers agree very much, and 70% of middle-level advertisers agree. In addition to the goal of product effectiveness, 40% of advertisers said that the purpose of advertising was to maintain consumer relationship.

In terms of marketing media selection challenges, more than 70% of advertisers think that the biggest challenge comes from the difficulty in improving the ROI of marketing communication, followed by effect measurement and verification. In addition to the effectiveness measurement, the main challenges of mature advertisers include consumer insight and resource integration. Among the challenges of new advertisers, the lack of marketing professionals is more prominent.

Mobile Internet has the highest willingness to invest, and 67% of advertisers said that they would increase their investment in new TV, PC Internet and outdoor, with more significant growth potential

According to the type of media resources, mobile terminal is still the main choice for advertisers to invest in marketing. 67% of advertisers said that they would increase the investment of mobile Internet; the proportion of new TV and PC Internet increased investment was the same, both 25%, and that of outdoor was 16%.

Compared with 2020, the proportion of advertisers with new TV and PC Internet increased by 8% and 5% respectively, and the growth potential of the three media was more significant than that of other resource types.

The expected growth rate of digital marketing is 20%. Short video, KOL and information flow advertising are the most popular forms of advertising

According to the report, in line with the recovery of high growth in overall marketing of enterprises, the expected growth rate of digital marketing in China will be 20% in 2021, significantly higher than the actual growth rate of 16% in 2020, reaching the expected level in 2019. The epidemic situation with high uncertainty does not affect the confidence of enterprises in digital marketing.

Among them, 28% of advertisers’ digital marketing budget increases by more than 30%, which is 5% higher than that in 2020. 50% of advertisers’ digital marketing budget increases within 30%, and only 5% of advertisers reduce their investment.

On the digital network side, short video media and social media ranked the first camp in terms of resource types. 78% and 75% of advertisers increased short video and social media, and e-commerce platforms and live broadcast followed, accounting for more than 50%. In the delivery of sub advertising forms, the advantages of short video advertising, KOL advertising, information flow and effect advertising with the ability of transformation and delivery are more obvious More than 60% of advertisers in the first two increased their investment, and over 50% of the latter two.

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