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2021 China Network Media Development Report From State Information Center

The following is the 2021 China Network Media Development Report From State Information Center recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, Network media.

This report focuses on the development and changes of online media, based on the actual development of online media, combined with industry characteristics and expert opinions, scientifically evaluates and studies the development status of online media by constructing an index system for evaluating the development of online media, and looks forward to the further integration of online media with emerging technologies, comprehensively extending media value and showing new achievements in the new era.

2021 network media: more scientific, more open and more effective

The report points out that 2021 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the opening year of the 14th five year plan. At the historical intersection of the goals of the “two centenaries”, driven by a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, online media grasp the general trend, conform to the trend and shoulder responsibilities bravely, showing three characteristics of more science and technology, more openness and more effectiveness.

“More technology” is reflected in the transformation of the whole chain of communication platform, communication content and communication mode from “digitization” to “digital intelligence”. Digital intelligence technology platform helps the innovation and development of online media and creates an intelligent media of “intelligence + wisdom + think tank”. Content technology accelerates the in-depth integration of online media and helps the “policy, acquisition, editing, distribution, evaluation and review” link of online media to achieve fully intelligent development.

“More open” is reflected in the creation of open platforms and high-quality content. In terms of content, pay attention to providing customized and high-value content, and gradually break the “information cocoon room”; In terms of platform, we should deeply integrate the ecological chain, optimize the platform construction and gradually open it to users.

“More effective” is reflected in the extension of media functions, gradually changing from the role of “news publicity” to the role of “news publicity + social services”, and helping to modernize the national governance system and governance capacity. In terms of news publicity, online media continue to play a guiding role, further close to people’s livelihood and listen to public opinion. In terms of social services, online media assume greater responsibilities and functions and play an important role in national governance.

2021 online media development evaluation

The report selects 20 online media, establishes 30 evaluation indicators, uses the hierarchical fuzzy logic method, comprehensively considers the opinions of government officials, media practitioners, experts and scholars, determines the weight of indicators at all levels, and calculates and selects the top 10 comprehensive performance of online media development in 2021.

The central media people’s network and Xinhuanet ranked in the top two, and Tencent ranked in the top three among the commercial media. On the whole, the central media and commercial media ranked in the top ten respectively. The central media highlights the advantages of mainstream authority, leads the continuous innovation of the social value of online media, and commercial media actively create a new media ecology, with both humanistic temperature and family and country feelings. The central media will continue to play a leading role and work with commercial media to jointly promote the healthy development of online media ecology.

On the basis of comprehensive evaluation, the report constructs six sub lists of “best platform development”, “best digital intelligence development”, “best people’s livelihood link”, “best brand influence”, “best event guidance” and “best social welfare” based on six primary indicators to make a more detailed evaluation of the performance of online media.

The purpose of the “platform” is to evaluate the development of the platform and other media institutions. On the whole, online media can effectively improve the universality, diversity and quality of content production by developing high-quality partners, increasing content ecological cooperation mode, enriching platform content and strengthening the diversification of formats, so as to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of platform construction, strengthen multi field strategic cooperation and promote the continuous innovation and development of content ecology. At the same time, network media actively seek to become partners with science and technology enterprises to help the development of content science and technology.

The dimension of “digital intelligence development power” aims to evaluate the performance of online media in applying intelligent means to promote media innovation and development. Driven by the progress of science and technology, network media applies digital intelligence and innovative technology to the whole chain and process from platform construction, content production to information display and information dissemination. At the same time, it also continues to promote the development of media endogenous technology. Network media attaches importance to exploring business production enabled by intelligent technology, comprehensively improve content production efficiency, increase scientific and technological investment, pay attention to building a digital intelligence technology platform, and realize two-way empowerment with the endogenous scientific and technological power of media.

The dimension of “people’s livelihood link power” aims to evaluate the performance of online media in participating in social services. The Internet media has deeply practiced the concept of “people-oriented”, shortened the distance between the government and the people and between the people, and shouldered greater social responsibilities while embodying the value orientation of people’s livelihood. By opening special columns, online media focus on people’s livelihood hotspots, open government and people’s livelihood service functions, participate in social governance and services, strive to meet the needs of multiple circles, actively act in response to major emergencies, build online rescue and appeal suggestion channels, and ensure the smooth flow of convenient services.

The dimension of “brand influence” aims to comprehensively evaluate the operation of its own brand and influence of online media, which mainly reflects the recognition of the audience. Online media has constantly explored and innovated ways to shape the brand, such as providing more high-quality content and expanding the audience, so as to meet the various demands of all kinds of users, obtain user recognition and further enhance its own brand value. Network media attract users by strengthening the content and timeliness of reports, continuously improve the brand reputation, pay attention to the integration of online and offline platform resources, and continuously improve the brand efficiency.

The dimension of “event leading power” aims to evaluate the guiding ability of online media to correctly recognize the masses in major events. Through high-quality and authoritative reports of major events and financial media products with distinctive content characteristics, online media not only guide domestic social cognition and shape social consensus, but also help shape China’s image and spread China’s voice internationally. Network media guide public opinion through authoritative news and theme reports, and innovate the reporting mode of major events by using new digital communication technology.

The dimension of “social commonweal power” aims to evaluate the performance of online media in social commonweal and charity. Internet media has the dual functions of public welfare propagandists and public welfare participants. It carries out public welfare undertakings in many fields in a new form, deeply participates in public welfare activities in major disasters, and actively contributes to social public welfare and transmits social positive energy through public welfare reports, holding or participating in various types of Online and offline public welfare activities, and opening emergency rescue channels.

Future development prospect of network media

Finally, the report summarizes and prospects the development trend of network media, and puts forward that with the continuous updating and iteration of emerging technologies and further comprehensive integration with network media, the needs of media audiences are increasingly diverse, the application scenes are gradually enriched, the cultural circle is increasingly large, and the user roles are gradually diversified. Network media will show the development trend of news immersion, industrial digital intelligence, content community, wall breaking circle and functional service.

Looking forward to the future, the development of network media will continue to transform to the direction of digitization, networking and intelligence. The online media, which pursues scientific and technological innovation, opens up business forms and benefits the people with practical results, will seize new opportunities and play a greater spiritual value of cohesion and progress on the road of China’s sustainable development.

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