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2021 China office building market white paper From Jones Lang LaSalle

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Affected by macro factors such as economy, society and population, according to the volume and rent level, the development of office buildings in Chinese cities can be divided into initial stage, construction stage, development stage and mature stage. At present, only four first tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are in the mature stage, while 70% of mainland Chinese cities are still in the initial stage. Jones Lang LaSalle integrated data indicators such as rent, volume, rental rate and added value of the tertiary industry in the high-quality office building market of each city, and pioneered the preparation of China’s urban office rental cost index to calculate the proportion of the actual office rental cost of each city in the increment of relevant economic indicators, It provides a reference for the lease activity and rent commitment level of the office building market in various cities.

Taking the top ten cities in the development and maturity period as an example, the larger the lease cost index, the higher the rent commitment capacity and the stronger the market development power, which reflects the highest level of China’s building economic development and gathers a large number of leading enterprises, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, etc.

The white paper points out that for every 100 million yuan increase in the added value of the tertiary industry in the top 30 cities in mainland China’s GDP, the market demand for high-quality office buildings will increase by 547 square meters. Jones Lang LaSalle constructed the potential demand model of urban office buildings in China by integrating the data such as the added value of the tertiary industry, the proportion of the tertiary industry in the total economy, the working age population and the per capita office area of different industries, so as to calculate the theoretical upper limit of office building demand area in different cities and publish the ranking of China’s office building demand potential index.

Among them, the potential demand for class A and class B office buildings in Beijing and Shanghai is about 40 million square meters, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are about 20 million square meters, the upper limit of demand in cities such as Chengdu, Nanjing and Hangzhou also exceeds 7 million square meters, and the total potential demand of the top 10 cities in terms of economic aggregate exceeds the total potential demand of more than 200 other cities, It reflects the characteristics of China’s office building market demand gathering in the head cities.

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